You might have notice I’ve been quiet for a fair few weeks, well 2015 has been my Annus Horribilis. Those two words probably aren’t even strong enough, but they are about as strong as I dare use!

Annus Horribilis : Definition. A year of disaster or misfortune. A Latin phrase for “A horrible Year”.

The more I think about this post, the harder it is to write. I can be quite a gobby cow but sometimes, like now, I am actually stuck for words. I’ve sat ready to write this post for nearly 3 weeks now and the longer I put it off the harder it’s getting. It’s also difficult to write through the tears.

I’m going to start earlier on in the year (May-July)  when my sister ended up in hospital very very poorly with breathing problems, yes the C word was mentioned, but thankfully it turned out is was “only” pneumonia.

Poorly sis
Poor her, she ended up having drains put in her lung to drain it and had quite a long time off work. Even now 8 months later she’s still not 100%, but then again she works far too many hours and stupidly long days!

Next it was my turn, my cubital tunnel needed operating on and they decided that my left arm was deemed worse than the right so that took priority. I was lucky it wasn’t as bad once they opened it up as they thought and I didn’t need to be put in plaster. Phew I wasn’t looking forward to 2 weeks in plaster, instead I just had the dressing below!

Annus Horribilis

I will admit though it was nice to be looked after…….. for the first 48hrs, then Ian was doing my head in!
I amazed the hospital by how quickly it was healing. Sadly the numbness is still there and I had decided NOT to have my right arm done, but after seeing the consultant last week he advised me to have the operation as even since July I have lost strength in my hand and he said that although the op wont stop the numbness, it’ll help to stop the deterioration. Even for me that’s a no brainer, so 19th Feb, I go back under the knife.

August saw my dad head off to Canada with his partner for a wedding and a sightseeing trip. Sadly after the wedding dad was admitted to hospital with breathing problems and they advised him to come home and seek treatment here. His insurance sorted out early return flights and the hospital visits started. The insurance company (eventually) paid them back for the loss of the rest of their trip.

I started back to work, then Ian became ill, with a heart attack! Check out this post to read more about heart attacks.


He’s thankfully ok now, but he sure gave us all a scare.

Then it was back to my dad. Sadly he was diagnosed as having Mesothelioma, a cancer of mesothelial tissue, associated especially with exposure to asbestos.
Dad was a heating and ventilation engineer and had worked in quite a few places that 40+ years ago had asbestosis on the pipes, in the roofs and in the walls.


The prognosis wasn’t good and within 2 weeks it had gone from months to weeks.

8 weeks down the line dad was still with us and seemingly doing really well, we started to look forward …… slightly, then he got very confused over his medication, well trust me if you saw the amount he was on you’d understand why! He went into LOROS, an amazing hospice in Leicester to sort himself out, but sadly his condition went downhill quite quickly and sadly on 22nd December he passed away.

As a family we are all devastated at losing dad, but he’s reunited with mum after 9 years.
For the last 18 months he’s had Jean by his side, who has been fantastic and made a massive difference to his life. Thank you Jean for putting a smile back on his face.

We can’t thank ALL the staff at LOROS enough for making the last 9 days of dad’s life as comfortable as possible and for just being there for us at any time of day or night.

Next Monday is dad’s funeral when we say our final goodbye. But it’s never goodbye, as mum and dad will live on within my heart for as long as I have a heartbeat.

Mum and Dad

RIP dad and please, give mum a massive hug from me.

I LOVE YOU xxxxx

So you see why 2015 was my Annus Horribilis!


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  1. Val says:

    I can relate to 2015 being an annus horribilis! I’ve never heard that expression before but I like it! I’m sorry your year was so difficult and I hope Ian, your sister and yourself have much better health this year. I know how close you were to your Dad as we’ve talked about him before and I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience such a devastating loss. There is little more I can say but to offer a (((hug))) and an ear to listen any time you want to talk. xo Val

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