I’m a wife, step mom, step nanny ( I’m far too young to be a nanny ………… yes I am, stop disagreeing with me!!) and mom to my choccy lab Crunchie!

Crunchie my daft dog!






I’m a mobile hairdresser who enjoy’s blogging, travelling, reviewing and chatting to friends.


Sports feature highly in my life, football, rugby (gotta love those thighs! and yes I do drool whilst watching live games!) cricket, F1, baseball and Ice hockey are all regularly on our TV, are there actually any other channels or programmes to watch?? When I’m home alone I’m addicted to the cookery channels.

Curry houses are regular eating out venue’s for us and we love to try different places. But you can’t beat a good Sunday roast or a steak. I am fussy with my food and there are certain things I wont eat, come on what is the point of lettuce??? But I love sprouts! I know I’m a “freak”!


Not all products I review have been sent to me, a lot of them I have reviewed just because I want to.
I accept products to review but all will be on a “no follow” basis. Products must be full sized and not sample products.
I will consider all requests but may not feel your product is right for me or my blog readers at that time but will still consider future requests. I may know someone who the product would be ideal for so all’s not lost!

Books (paper or kindle), travel related, food and drink (alcohol is accepted!) toddler products, transport, dog products, music, gadgets (of various types) all considered.

I’ll always be honest with you and I expect the same in return.

All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such.

Please contact me for my rates for guests posts.

Please see my Disclosure policy.

My opinion will be exactly that MY opinion.

I may asks friends to help out with certain items and it will be their opinion on the item that will be given & it will be clearly stated it is their opinion.

Thanks for reading & have fun.

Contact Me.

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I am UK based but I do travel frequently & worldwide!

  1. Hattie Culshaw

    Hi Ness,

    What a useful blog you have!I’m currently compiling a list of blogs where our products have gained coverage and it includes yours. I was wondering what your monthly unique figure is? I understand that you are busy but if you are able to reply swiftly that would be a great help!

    Many thanks,


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