“Am I Brown Yet”

This was Clare’s favourite saying even when she was looking like a local, oh by the way Clare celebrated a special birthday whilst she was there & her mum trimmed up her room!! She turned ……….. cough cough I wont tell!!!

The Birthday Girl

Clare & Barbara












These are some of the main points of our holiday!

There were loads of cat’s & Barbara got the nickname “Crazy Cat Lady” as she kept feeding them, this soon changed to “The Queen” as within day’s everyone knew her  & it was’t unusual for her to be followed by  her entourage (us 3). She even waved like “The Queen”! The staff joked to Ian that he was a true Gambian with 3 wives! His response was ” I can’t cope with the 1 i’ve got let alone another 2!”

The 4 of us took a taxi into Senegambia on a cloudy day & had a hair raising journey there, well at least we knew his brakes worked, even if he left half the rubber from his tyres on the road!! Barbara needed bananas & finally got some from the market, they were tiny but really sweet, we got back to the hotel & Queenie & Clare had bananas with their ice-cream.

Around the pool there was many chat’s about toilet habit’s & the effect the different food had on our bowel movements, this wasn’t just a conversation between Ian & myself, it included about another 6 people!!!

Someone did chat quite a bit about missing “jiggy jiggy” ……………  I wont say who it was though! (“am I brown yet”).

Mrs Posh loved to tell us about her chauffeur & they didn’t really want to be at the hotel but the 5* 10mins away was fully booked so they couldn’t stay there! I think they enjoyed talking to us plebs!!!

We got back to the room near the end our the holiday to find the porch flooded, the air con unit was pissing water out. I rang straight through to reception, but no-one appeared so Ian went up to take our used books to the book shelf for others to read & went to reception & told them how dangerous it was, especially as our neighbours were elderly & might slip on it & break a leg, the response was “oh don’t worry no-one will break a leg” so Ian said ok then an arm, again “oh no-one will break an arm” was the reply! Regardless of wanting to stay in the sun I didn’t fancy it in a Gambian hospital!!


All packed & ready to go …………. sadly our trip is nearly at the end & too soon it was time to head home to the UK. We checked out with no problems & didn’t get questioned as to why we had 3 keys for our room! We popped back to the bar for a drink as we had nearly an hour to wait for the coach, but it turned up early!

We gave our name & hopped on the coach, it was only as we sat down did we realise that Barbara & Clare were having problems, it turned out they weren’t on the list for a pick up or it turned out on the flight manifesto or even any record of them being at the hotel! 1 member of their party had cancelled at the last minute & the only thing we could think of was that someone had cancelled the whole trip on the system! They managed to sort it at the airport but it also lead to a delay in taking off as the pilot had a different number of passengers due to fly than he thought. Oh I wonder who’s that was?!?!?!?! Thomas Cook yet again you messed up!

Back to good old Blighty.

Blinking heck it was cold when we eventually got our luggage!

The 1st load of washing went on as soon as we opened the cases & we headed off to bed. It’s amazing how quickly a holiday seems like a distant memory!

More pictures can be found here.


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