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Meet and Greet parking is nothing new to us, we have used it in the past and like the concept of driving virtually up the airport doors, unloading and heading off.

We have never used APH so when we we asked if we would like to review their service for our parking at Gatwick we’d have been silly to refuse!



Pre-book your airport car parking at Gatwick airport with APH and get a guaranteed parking space at a great rate.

It was easy to book and all I needed to do was print off the confirmation email, whoops there was my first mistake. I put the wrong model for Ian’s car down! Doh

I emailed them on the address given and within 2 hours they had replied to me saying they had corrected the error and they were sorry for the inconvenience, it was my fault not theirs but I was impressed at the speed of the reply.

30 minutes from Gatwick as instructed I rang them up and my call was answered by a lovely lady who confirmed the details as to where we were to go on arriving at the airport and also informed me that at the moment it was hailing there! We were driving in glorious sunshine, so she asked me to bring it with us!

The instructions where easy to follow and as she told us there was someone wearing an orange jacket waiting to meet us. the handover was very smooth with him checking the car over and also confirming our return dates and times. He then directed us to the lifts, 1 floor up, across a covered walkway and we were in the airport! Easy peasy!

Our return flight actually landed 30 minutes early and we headed straight for the baggage hall and the toilets! As I was waiting for Ian my phone rang and it was APH, sadly the call was a little strange and I thought I was talking to a dalek!  I rang them back and he laughed and said I sounded as though I was at the bottom of the ocean! Honestly the plane had landed on solid ground!

They had been watching the flight and knew it had landed early so said the car was on it’s way and again confirmed we were to go to South Terminal Orange Car Park Level 1 Bay’s D and E, exactly where we had left it.

We arrived but no car. We waited and waited, 30 mins after my initial call I rang them back and he was surprised our car wasn’t there and he would contact the driver to see where he was.

About 5 mins later Ian spotted the car coming up the road. The driver had gone to North car park! Whoops.

Again the car was checked over and the driver validated our ticket so we would be able to just drive away. We were on our way very quickly.

Although we had the slight mishap it wouldn’t put me off using them again as at every step of the way they were very professional and we felt confident leaving the car with them.

There was also no hidden charges, the price you pay is the total price. We have as I said used meet and greet parking and been hit with charges to exit the car park, on one occasion we even had to pay when we dropped the car off AND when we picked it up.

The choice of area for meet and greet at Gatwick was perfect,  some places we’ve had a long walk to get back to the car and in the open (when we got back to Gatwick it absolutely throwing it down and we would’ve got soaked if it hadn’t been for the covered walkways)  who wants to sit on a plane or in the car going home soaking wet?

Thank you APH you provided the perfect  start to our holiday, a slight hic-cup on our return but nothing that would stop us using your service again.

Disclosure:- We were provided Meet and Greet Parking FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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