Now we all know when Christmas is coming, all the adverts start, the catalogues come out and that spells frenzied list writing, paper everywhere, torn pages, yep you get the picture!


Argos Christmas Wishlist App

Argos Christmas Wishlist App is exactly what you need, it takes the stress out of the list making.

 You need to download the app from either PlayStore for Android or from the Apple Store.

The app has full parental controls so you can sent the maximum amount they can spend, the total amount of gifts they can add to the list and your email address where you want to list sent to. The children think it’s going to Santa, but really it’s going to you. Shhhhhh

When they use the App, they take their picture, add their name, choose a “friend” to help with their list and start to select their gifts.

Now sadly Paige was poorly when I did this so I asked a friend to test it out for me. His name is Bob! He selected his toys, which he found very easy and he had fun looking through them all.

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Prior to sending their list to “Santa” they can put stickers of their must have toys/games along with drawing on them. He then sent the list to “Santa”.

Within a couple of minutes my email beeped and there was the list, with Bob’s favourite items at the top of the list and all the others below. The Argos Christmas Wishlist App email is great as you can click on the picture and it takes you directly to the page on the Argos website.

I’m just glad I put a limit on the App!!

Disclosure:- I was sent a couple of gifts from Argos to review the Argos Christmas Wishlist App but all opinions are my own honest opinions.


Westin Gourmet

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