Beach Athletics …. I’m in LOVE

Most of you know how much I love my flip flops / thongs so when Beach Athletics asked me if I would like to review a pair I just couldn’t refuse.

Beach Athletics


Beach Athletics sent me a pair of St Tropez Gel Flip Flops in pink. They arrived individually sealed which I thought was a great idea, but it also meant I could try them on to make sure they fitted without unwrapping them. They fitted like a glove. I was going to wait until after our holiday to review them but just couldn’t! I was like a kid at Christmas! Lol

St Tropez

Now I wear flip flops all year round but I still tend to find that new flip flops need breaking in, even I usually get some redness between my toes where they rub, but I’ve been wearing these for 3 full days and they haven’t rubbed at all.

They do feel a bit funny when you walk cos they sort’ve wobble, I guess that’s the gel but I think wobble is the best word to describe the feeling. But I soon got used to that. They are really comfy to stand in all day, and today they had the ultimate test ………….. rain. Most of my flip flops don’t have very good soles to them, they are mainly flat and when you walk on anything wet you slip! Ian and I looked like Bambi on ice whilst walking in Sydney during a rainstorm!

Good sole

Beach Athletics have a sort’ve ripple, rough base to them which actually made them feel very safe walking on wet surfaces, I tried them out on quite a few different wet floors and none of them slipped, I obviously haven’t tried the around a pool, where it can get very dodgy, but I will do soon, but for day to day wear these are fantastic and ohhhhhhh so darn comfy.

Gel flip flops


The gel insoles have a bump of gel under the arch of your foot to support it and the gel is raised round the sides. Apart from earlier when I said that they didn’t rub between my toes, also I’ve got pairs that I’m not too keen on wearing as where the strap goes into the sole by the heal stick up and dig in, the Beach Athletics didn’t.

You honestly don’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your feet, which I found the other day and I actually did look down to see if I had got them on!

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed at all. Website:- Beach Athletics, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Beach Athletics I love them.


A little about the Beach Athletics Flip Flops.

St Tropez Gel Flip Flops pink for women by Beach Athletics. St Tropez is fun, stylish, and memorable. The same is true of our sensational St Tropez flip flop for women with a comfortable gel footbed. What makes it so desirable? It could be the revolutionary polyurethane (PU) sole, which is extraordinarily flexible and durable, giving you extra spring in every step. Or it could be how stylish these make you feel. You NEED a pair of these in your summer holiday bag..

St Tropez Gel Flip Flops Turquoise by Beach Athletics, the St Tropez is our original polyurethane 
(PU) flip flop which provides exceptional levels of comfort created by the excellent ‘memory‘ characteristics and higher load bearing capacity contained in a PU footbed.

Disclosure:- I was sent the Beach Athletics St Tropez Gel Flip FLops FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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