That’s right you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Vegemite actually exists, well in Australia is does!

Dairy Milk and Vegemite is not a combination that readily springs to mind, but Cadbury’s have made a limited edition flavour, a friend has just sent this picture over for us to ………….. errrrr well not drool over I can promise you that! 

Dairy Milk and Vegemite 
It’s actually Dairy Milk with smooth flowing caramel and vegemite. To quote the packet.

I know we can buy salted caramel and Dairy Milk with Ritz biscuits, so I guess it must work, but it sounds crazy.

All I can think it’d be like is a bar of Dairy Milk Caramel, smothered in Bovril or Marmite!

I guess it’s another case of you either love it or hate it!

Do you fancy trying it? Have you tried it? 

What other “odd” combinations do you think would make a good chocolate bar?

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