Christmas, Cricket and hic hic ………


Christmas Eve saw us move to the Citigate hotel  in Melbourne city, directly opposite Flinders St Station and it’s famous clocks.

Flinders St Clocks
We were able to drop off the luggage and then take the car back, we clocked up over 2780 km from picking it up in Cairns. It was a great little car that suited us down to the ground.

We also then managed to check in early and actually have a room on the 13th floor, the view isn’t great but yet again we’re not intending spending much time in the room so unless we had a balcony we wouldn’t use the room much anyway.

We headed off to Middle Park for the afternoon to watch the Barmy Army vs Middle Park CC, where yet again the Shirley CC flag had an outing.


Shirley CC flag at Middle Park

Michael Vaughan was there and was milling around with the fans,

 Michael Vaughan

For the first time this series the Barmy Army won, so this bodes well for the rest of the test!!!!! Ok maybe not!

We met up with a few of our friends that I had met on twitter over the last few months and it’s amazing what a sport cricket is to bring everyone together, there are loads of different football fans here, yet the banter is all good natured. Even with the Vila fans!!!!!! Lol
Christmas Eve was a noisy affair, split between the Turf bar and PJ O’Briens bar. Which are both Barmy Army HQ’s here in Melbourne.


The Crown Casino Barmy Army Party.

Now this wasn’t cheap, at £90 per person it sure wasn’t, but that did include  nearly 4 hours of unlimited, responsible drinking!

The Crown Casino

We weren’t really sure what to expect of the day but we were pleasantly surprised how it turned out.
We sat on no table with a few of the lads we didn’t know and a few we did know so it made for a great mix.
Billy the Trumpeter played some carols, some with alternative verses about the cricket.

Sing song along with Billy

It was a great day and took a lot of organising , especially when you think there was 500 Barmy Army fans there.
The food was so so, not really what Brits wanted but ok in it’s own way.
We popped to PJ’s on the way back to the hotel for a cheeky little top up, before heading back for a nap, well Ian did, I just couldn’t drop off regardless of the amount of wine I’d drank!!!

On the outside of Flinders St Station they had a huge Merry Christmas that was all lit up and changed colours, it looked really pretty at night.

Flinders St Station

We then made our calls back home, well eventually when we could get a connection! We knew it was only free wifi in the lobby but we thought it was free wired internet in the room, but sadly it’s not and it’s not cheap so we passed on that thanks!
The time difference is the hardest to work out as we had to contact the UK and Canada, and someone, I wont mention his name totally got mixed up!


Boxing Day brings the first day of the test here in Melbourne and it started on a pretty dull drab way but it brightened up.

Shirley CC Flag

I’m not sure there’s really anything I can say about 4 day’s of cricket that saw England yet again lose another test, leaving us 4-0 down in the series!

The Melbourne Cricket Club

The Barmy Army

There is no way back and trust me the Aussies are very vocal about it! But we find it really funny and after all it’s only part of our trip.

I did say in the summer after we won the Ashes, that I fancied Australia to win this test and they haven’t disappointed me!

The day ended with us meeting up with friends after the game and heading to Richmond for a few drinks on a lovely roof top terrace.
We headed back into the city on foot and were knackered by the time we arrived at PJ’s, we not stayed for a quick drink before heading back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep before the start of day 2.

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