Drumond Park have a fantastic range of different games for all the family,  this year I wanted to share with you again their top two games. I have reviewed both and we love them, and if you’re quick there is a giveaway for your chance to win both. 


Frenzied fun with NEW LOGO Lite (review)
You may have heard of, or have played the number one best-selling, ‘big brands’ picture board game, LOGO from Drumond Park. Well, their new LOGO Lite game (rrp £19.99, age 12 to adult) is equally brilliant… plus it doubles up as a box of 264 brand new question cards which can also be used in the original LOGO game!


A quick-fire game of fun facts, combined with mega frustration, LOGO Lite is an ingenious way of getting friends and family together this Christmas. It’s portable and packable too – so you can take it with you, literally anywhere!

Can you recognise, and what do you know about various branded items and everyday products? Different to the original LOGO game, this is a fast and furious race. Answer the questions posed by the Quizmaster correctly, and each time you get to spin the spinner. Spin the colour matching a colour on your disc holder, and you collect that disc. Collect all six different coloured discs first – and you win. Watch your best mate struggling to remember the name of the brand they’re thinking of… and see the frustration on your sister’s face as she spins a green, instead of a red, again! This is certainly a game of challenges – with some hilarious consequences. Add a drink or two, and you’ll be in for an entertaining evening – far better than watching the TV or eating yet another bowl of trifle.

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

Og on the Bog


NEW Og on the Bog (review)
What an explosive Christmas cracker! 

Forget peace and harmony! When you all sit down together to play a game after Christmas lunch, why not choose one that totally lets rip (and we don’t mean the kids with the wrapping paper)? This one stars Og the ogre, who has just caught you stealing his loo roll – so has let out a humongous FART and blown his Bog to bits!

New Og on the Bog from Drumond Park Games (rrp £22.99, for ages 5 and up) is hilarious… everyone will have a real blast with it! The storyline is that Og has clearly eaten too many sprouts and shut himself away in his Bog. Game players have one objective in mind; to nab Og’s loo rolls and leave him in the lurch. They turn the spinner sneakily, then have a go at pinching a loo roll off the pole situated beside Og’s outhouse. But they need to be careful because they might disturb Og, who’ll shout out, grunt and fart loudly – and yes, when we say loudly, we mean even louder than grandad’s snoring!

It’s exciting, it’s daring…but can you do it? As everyone keeps trying to grab the toilet rolls, the excitement builds and Og’s humdinging showstopper creeps ever closer. Be very careful, though – because when Og does a really big, roaring fart, he will literally blow his Bog apart!

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

For your chance to win both Og on the Bog & LOGO Lite (ends 25th Nov) on my blog click this link
Drumond Park now has a blog for grown-ups; it’s run by Alex and is jokey and fun, as well as interesting. Alex runs competitions too! The blog is called NOT SO QUIET NIGHT IN… have a look here http://www.drumondpark.com/blog/

Disclosure:- I have not been asked to post this, I wanted to share some great games. 

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