Clothes  aren’t just clothes anymore, they are more like works of art.

We’ve all seen some of the outrageous clothes a certain Ms Westwood has created over the years, some of her clothes even brought a tear to my eye …………. they looked painful!

Although some of the designers do still seem to go OTT, which mainly is for the major fashion weeks, for everyday wear clothes now seem to look like abstract paintings. They are total works of art. I love the amazing colours that are around at the moment, they are like walking paintings, abstract art, a walking canvas, a place for the designers to showcase their work.

Now clothes wise I can’t say I’ve ever been a fashionista as this picture shows!!! But at the time I was the height of fashion! Wide belts, oversized shirts in block colours and stripy vest tops, oh yeah and BIG hair!

This was the height of fashion!


Personally I do think clothes have improved and yes every year we are shown what the stylists think we should be wearing and I guess we can all pick out different pieces from different years that we really like and there are plenty that we can try to forget.

It’s amazing how different clothes ok on the hanger, then we try them on and we don’t like them. Last week I was chatting to a client about her outfit for her daughters wedding, she’d been looking online and found what she thought was the perfect dress, the perfect style, colour, just right for the “Mother of the Bride”. Off she toddled to try it on, but once it was on she didn’t like it at all, her daughter had been having a look round the store whilst she was in the changing room and had found a couple of other dresses, the 1st one she showed her mum she just pulled a face at, but decided to try it on just to shut her daughter up. Low and behold it fitted like a glove, looked amazing and she said she knew immediately that is was THE dress, she didn’t need to try any others on.

My favourite dress

This was always my favourite dress, now you wont see me in a dress! But I loved this 1, please ignore the scabby nose, I fell down the stairs typically just before this was taken, I also think that was 1 of the few times I had fairly straight hair!

What do you think to the fashions these days? Do you have any cringe worthy pictures?


Disclosure. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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