I know we’ve all seen the “May Contain Nuts” on a packet of peanuts, but what other daft ingredients are on labels?

Did you see my post “The daft things people say or do“? If you did, have you stopped laughing yet? If you didn’t check it out.

So whilst at the BBC Good Food Show I was given a bottle of water. It always makes me laugh when they put a BB date on the bottle. Can water really go off?

But what I read on the back made me chuckle.

Daft Ingredients

Daft Ingredients

“Caution” Contents may be wet …………… really??????
“Ingredients” Water, Bottle, Top ………… the bottle and top are ingredients???
Also I like the “Best Served Chilled” Unless you like to drink bath water! Thank goodness we’ve only got a shower 😉
What other daft ingredients have you seen on products?

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