Diary of The Travelling Seanchai :-

A session and a waltz around Vienna

2007-05-28 to 2007-05-30

I had checked into my hostel and then had to do my own laundry for the first time in absolutely ages! What, you don`t have someone that will do this for me?! I wasn`t being a snob but I had one day in Vienna and watching the continual swirl of a washing machine with my undies wasn`t high on the guide book of `Must see`s`!


Vienna is a beautiful city, so clean and easily accessible through one tram that takes you around to all of the major sites. But like so many cities it is nearly impossible to see in even a few days so you are resigned to seeing very little rather than attacking just the tip of the iceberg. There must be at least 50 museums and I had to go and pick possibly the worst!


I went to the Sigmund Freud museum which was based in his actual studio. It was refreshing not to be the craziest person in the room for a change! It was very small though with hundreds of letters, diplomas and photos and you were given a folder to tell you what each of them signified. But there was a presumption that you knew a great deal about Freud and his prognosis that most things wrong with you was due to your sexual desire of your mother! I wanted to know why he wasn`t summarily laughed out of the psychiatrist community but maybe this wasn`t the place to find out.


2 rooms of his old stuff and then 3 rooms with cartoons of shrink jokes! I couldn`t believe it! I could have bought Gary Larson`s Far Side collection and would have learned more!


I met Anna that evening and we went for drinks to an array of bars in the city centre. I had visited St Stephen`s Cathedral earlier where Mozart had spent a lot of his time and I felt that he would be pleased to know a fellow composer had traced his steps… ok I compose a self gratifying blog but it all counts!!


We stumbled on a small pub where there were no customers and just a bunch of traditional musicians and I was in my element. I joined them for a few songs and I have never sung `Caledonia` so well because they were so good. They played 6 different instruments and it was a fitting end to the evening..


Next day I visited the Schumphorn Castle which must be the ideal wedding destination if you could rent it out and then fill it with about 1000 people! It takes a lot to get me excited about gardens and the likes but these were truly amazing. I got to the train station with 15 minutes to spare and did one of my now famous just in time connections to my train to Prague to meet up with the Ebbens that I had met in Barcelona…


Madness and mayhem was expected and I wasn`t disappointed!


Eastern Bloc madness with Ebbens




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