Diary of The Travelling Seanchai :- Eastern Bloc madness with Ebbens

2007-05-30 to 2007-06-31

Arriving into Prague I was actually looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again. Don`t get me wrong, travelling around and meeting new people every night is great but now and again an oasis of familiarity is appreciated.


So Jill and Jen were there to save me from walking down the wrong road from the station(frequented by unsavoury characters) and then I was brought to their new apartment, in so much as they had just moved in that day. They had `rented` it from some guy who hadn`t shown them any ID, had written their `contract` on a piece of paper and taken their money in cash…. Hmmm, call it my old fraud instincts but I had feeling that the real landlord might be popping around in a week or two`s time! (In any case I took one of his books so I felt I had gotten him back just a little!)


We went out and I had to convert money from Euros to the Czech currency with a scandalous exchange rate. We were told a few minutes later that we would have got a much better rate in any Irish bar, now I have always said that pubs are better places for your money than banks and finally I have been proven right!


We went out where I bumped into a friend from home, Keith, who I hadn`t seen in about 15 years. That only slightly dampened the disappointment of him completely forgetting me, even with promptings that we had played on the same football team for a season! I felt a little better when he called his brother and he still remembered me! Sheesh, small world as long as everyone retains even basic recollective capabilities! When they don`t it just leads to prolongued awkward moments of silence!


Next day, the Ebbens and I took a walk around Prague, the beautiful Charles Bridge, the impressive Castle and the 287 steps up a spiral stair case to the top for an amazing vantage point. The humour du jour was to tell the people coming up as you were very snugly going past them on the way down that the top `was just around the corner`!! Haha, going up a spiral staircase, that`s really funny! If there had been space to turn around without causing a human domino affect I`d have slapped that idiot!


We went out for another night out and I met a bunch of Irish lads over on a stag. For some unknown reason we all started speaking in Gaelic for ten minutes but the talk was limited to how good the ladies looked, where we were from, what our names were and please teacher, can I go to the toilet?!! Ok, we never said we were fluent but it was fun!


Another big night out ensued with us meeting Jill and Jen`s friends Chad who for some reason only known to him had dressed up in a Forrest Gump meets The Truman Show get up with alarming and slightly bewildering success in attracting attention from the girls in the bar! I need to find me a set of broken glasses and braces….


So the next day, I had to get out of there because hanging out with my Wisconsonite friends was not only reducing my life expectancy but also doing strange things to my pronunciation of key words like food, good and cute! How do you get two syllabels out of `do` anyway?!


So, on a whim, (love that word!) I decided to take a break and head to Munich, a quaint, quite town in southern Germany where I could gather myself and get ready for the next leg of my world travels…

 The Travelling Seanchai

Ahem, Consi…

Next Stop:-

Oompah Poompah Oobidy Doo!


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