Diary of The Travelling Seanchai :- Missing in Heidelberg


Heidelberg Castle and Bridge

This won`t take long because I didn`t get up to too much. I had had an inclination to head to Amsterdam but I knew that I needed one night in between to get myself together for that particular trip!


My friends David and Julia, that I had met in Koh Tao lived here and had told me of its beauty so I tried to contact them and then turned up in town unannounced and ultimately undiscovered!


I tried two hostels with no joy and after walking for two hours finally found one to take me in.. But I had inadvertantly seen a lot of the sights of this picturesque town. All along the river was a green belt where people played football, couples canoodled on picnic blankets, frisbees were being thrown and the abundance of those joggers again brought up an almost Pavlovian response as I immediately started thinking of going out for a beer!


I went out and stumbled on The Dubliner bar (my ability to track down Irish bars even scares me at this stage!), where I met Mickey from Lancashire and Wiley from Wisconson. Needless to say Mickey jumped at the bait to Wiley the Coyote from the cartoons and Wiley responded with timeless resignation by showing us his tattoo of the unfortunate character!


Mickey then met a bunch of bikers from near where he lived and he ran out to talk `to his own`. Hilariously though, each of them started to come in and take refuge at the bar as he was withering them with his collection of porn on his mobile phone! As each one of the group of 9 came in, they besieged those who had got in early, ` You`re not leavin `im with us `. I had spoken to him for about 5 minutes before hand and had nearly guaranteed a drive north the next day but I sidestepped that as it was revealed what a loonie he was. albeit a relatively harmless one.


One of the bikers had incurred some substantial damage to his rear wheel but was still weaving in and out at 160 m/p/h around Germany. Now, what I know about motorbikes could be written on the back of a postage stamp with plenty of space for an address to send it someone who cares but I ventured that at any moment his back wheel could explode? He said yes and his explanation was that, `when it`s your time, it`s just your time` Now I couldn`t agree more but I felt that he was pushing this particular checkout request a little bit too much in the face of the Great Biker in the sky! I hope he`s still alive!


So I left Heidelberg today and am now currently in Amsterdam. I have taken a little walk around and found this Internet Cafe/Bar/Opium Den! When you think of Amsterdam you think of tulips, windmills and clogs right?! Yeah right you do. This place is hash central and passive smoking may be why the computer screen now smells of strawberries and for some reason I think that Mambo Number 5 may be one of the cleverest songs of all time!


Got to get out of here! Will be in touch.. I hope…


How much is the girly in the window?!!



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