The Travelling Seanchai

Update on Damian! 


Damian has reached mini cult status from the e-mails I have been receiving so I thought I would just send a short update! We were stopped in the street by strangers who had been in the bar that night and wanted to know if we had managed to get him home!


We met him yesterday and his head had a few tell tale bumps but not too bad. He had spent 32 hours on and off asleep, he was in the horrors so bad that at one stage he made his peace with God, he thought he was going to die!


Poor lad, I think that he will be a little wiser in the future but for you to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid!


The bar have just put a new category on their board, Most Shameful, and Damian is the sole member! I have pictures which I will upload over the weekend.


Off to Bangkok now on yet another overnight train, you get used to them.


I hope you are well, talk to you soon.


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