Fish Bowls and Super Tubes


2007-07-20 to 2007-07-22

So my bus journey back to JBay was perfectly on time and efficient, of course! I am the world`s worst surfer, but I decided to stick around JBay as the World Professional Surfing Tour was in town for the Billabong Pro.


I`d met Glenn and Peter from Durban who were down for the event so we went to it and they explained to me the subtler rules to surfing and I have to say I was impressed. It was great to have these pro surfers just run past you on their way to competition, happy to stop for pictures or autographs etc. And it was impressive how they played mind games for the preferred waves and then their ability and bravery when they selected one.


I was going for a burger when the 8 Time World Champion Kelly Slater stood up beside me with his board and asked for some honey which he then duly squeezed down his mouth, turned around and smiled at everyone and went out and won his heat! So that`s how you become a champion I guess! He lost in the final to Taj Burrows but it had been a full day of competition and I was glad I had stuck around to see it.


JBay is a strange place, for some reason I hadn`t felt a good vibe from it. The locals, despite the fact that the tourists had flocked for the competition, were looking forward to getting `their town and their waves back`. Well I for one was happy to do that so I booked my Baz Bus ticket to leave next evening.


That was until Padraig Harrington started doing so well in the British Open. When he got into a playoff with Sergio Garcia, I was called for my bus journey. Well there was simply no way I was going to miss this so myself, Alan and Sinead, the only other Irish in the hostel were glued to the TV and an increasingly large crowd were glued to us as we screamed and shouted every shot for the hour long playoff. When the Irishman won, we fairly scrambled over each other to get to the bar and order Fish Bowls, green of course, to celebrate!


What was supposed to be a quiet night turned out to be anything but as our enthusiasm and excitement rubbed off on the others around us and it was a great evening!


A great evening that needed to be paid for next day as I had to work out a way to get up the coast now. Enter Ollie and Matt, 2 Essex lads who had hired a car and were going my way! So I had taken a chance and it had come up roses! We drove to Cintsa Beach, and within 15 minutes had been invited to Volleyball and Wine on the beach. Needless to say the Volleyball got put on hold as we drank cheap wine and watched the stars on the beach with a big group of people. One of those moments!


We went back up to the Buccaneers where we were staying and got to playing pool. I was challenged by `Baz Bus Johnny`, a bit of a legend around these parts and after a few games he insisted I come up to Durban to take part in some competitions. But the real competition that we got talking about next day was the 2010 World Cup and for all of ye that have been asking me to make some inroads and enquiries, I think I have the tour and package for you!


We were setting off for Coffee Bay and, without knowing it, for a date with some Buffalos!



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