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2007-06-14 to 2007-06-22

People are always put into two categories, `You either hate cats or you love them` or `You either hate cat lovers or you can`t understand them` and so on and so forth… Well another for eternal pigeon holes of debate are those with a `settled` mentality and those with a `travelling` one.


A lot of times on the road I meet people complaining that the showers are cold, or that the FREE internet is too slow or that a foot long lizard crawled up inside their bed while they were sleeping and other such frivolous whinges! Well these are travellers who have `settled` mentalities, who want no variables and don`t react well to discomforts.


Then you have people who have travelled and have now settled down or even those who have never travelled but who are always open for something new to do/see/drink!


Well if England didn`t yield the great sights that my other countries have on my trips, it brought me in touch with a group of friends that certainly give me hope that maybe one day I might hang up my backpack with some contentment!


Brian, my geophysicist doctor friend whose job, as I understand it, has him analysing data to help detect natural gas and oil fields worldwide, which is probably a good thing as he`ll need one himself as he turned up in a huge jeep Cherokee which takes some filling I`m sure!


That night, I met James, Hannah and Christine, all friends I`d met in Oz and we had a massive night out, just one of those `sure we`ll go for one or two and see how the night develops` nights! James, to his eternal credit, didn`t have my number in his phone but STILL accepted the invitation for beers despite he didn`t know who was inviting him! Now that`s a travelling mentality!


Milena (from North Vietnam, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh fame) joined us and unfortunately had her bag stolen within 20 minutes of arriving but admirably reported it and didn`t let it get her down. Milena has just spent 7 months travelling and she has dealt with worse and I revelled in reminding her how much better it is `out on the road`!


Travelling is not the be all and end all, any of us that do it realise that, but it is for us to a great extent. Anyone who is very happy with where they currently are, are in my book, doing unbelievably well and should continue what they are doing. It just bugs me when people aren`t happy and aren`t willing to do anything about it…


I travelled to Sheffield to my friend Kate (a very successful business woman but who has retained such a lust for life that it is infectious!). We went out and I gate crashed a party of a friend of hers, I was surrounded by the rich and even richer and I was amazed by how down to earth they all were, despite our exquisite surroundings! Well for the most part that is! When I heard how `Tiffany`s was just soooo cheap` and how as a group they were going to `hire an island for a holiday` which was just going to cost a measly UK £10,000 each, I clearly wasn`t in Kansas anymore Toto!!


I went to Liverpool to visit my mates Glynn and James (from the Champions League final) and although it was just a flying visit it was great to catch up, getting a huge takeaway Indian and myself and his extended family (neighbour George popping in for a popadom and some abuse!) tucked in.


I`m always amused when people refrain from telling a story because `people are eating`! I have rarely been so appalled by a story that it has put me off my dinner but the one about their friend Chrissy was a close contender (I won`t divulge it as you might be tucking into your packed lunch while sneaking a few minutes at your desk in the middle of your busy working day!)


My Mum had asked if I could `pop in` to Birmingham and Bath `as I was in England` not really realising the miles of double backing that that involved but I was happy to do it to visit some relatives. On the way, I visited Mark and Sarah in North Wales, a couple I helped set up in Oz and who now have the beautiful Seren as a result and also another Mark and Anne-Marie in Gloucester who put me up (big thanks to Macauley for giving up his bed!). I felt like an old army pal of Mark`s as I relayed some of the big nights out in Sydney stories when his other son Marcus was there.


Mark is doing some great things with charities and local football clubs and it really got me to thinking about what I can do after my travelling is done. Watch this space…


After visiting my aunts, I was in Bristol airport, licking my financial wounds as England had well and truly battered me with the exchange rates but with a lot of things to think about for the next year, where I will end up after this year of travelling, will I `settle down` and if so where, what kind of work do I want to do, will I ever get around to writing some of these thoughts down in a book, will I ever say no to a night out etc etc !!!


And then as the perfect post script, I got a text telling me that Sarah had booked Mark on to a flight to Limerick from Saturday to Sunday for just 23 hours for one big night out before I left! It`s all about the mentality really….


And so it begins again, one more years travel, I`m at the half way point and that means that it`s Cape Town this Saturday and certainly away from the comforts and ease of Europe, should be interesting!


Remember, drop me a line on the message board, I think I`ll need the encouragement more and more as this year keeps going!

Cape Town Capers!

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