In less than 2 weeks we’ll be heading off to Egypt for a dose of early summer sun, well spring here, but lovely and warm there.

Egypt at 2:40am last night was 17º against the -1 here brrrrrrrr.

Here is a round up of products that I have been asked or am wanting to review whilst away.

Nicoccino you can see my initial review here. For travellers these are great as you can carry them in your pocket no problems, for smokers long haul flights can be a nightmare, with Nicoccino you’ve got the strips right with you.


albumcards, I’m taking Sam & Ed away with me, and I’ve spotted they’ve got Blue’s album ……… swoon

Albumcards Albumcards

myBunjee #mybunjee This will be a godsend as especially during the flight I always manage to lose my phone in my bag and a must when we’re around the pool. I know I can keep it safe.

The EasyLock This will add extra security to our room.

I love my purple iPad case and will be using that and the charger whilst we’re away for that extra boost as I’ve found it will charge my mini iPad but only when it’s not in use, although it’s slow it could be the difference between my sanity!

iPhone and iPad Mini Gadgets Oyama Power Bank


Whilst I’m away I going to really crack on with learning Estonian that Eurotalk have kindly given me, I knew it would be tough, but blinking heck Estonian is not an easy language at all, but I’m going to crack it, even if it kills me…….. ok I wont got that far!

I will let you know when we get back how we got on.

Disclosure:- I have been sent the products above for review purposes. All opinions will be my own honest opinions.


Westin Gourmet

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