A few weeks ago we needed a van to move the last few bit’s from my dad’s bungalow, well I say few bits we managed to fill the van! I’d done a search on the internet for van hire and 2 companies came out best. Enterprise was 1 of them.

I rang the other company to be told they didn’t offer the extra collision damage waiver to anyone with a Birmingham post code! WHAT???

So I rang Enterprise who themselves were surprised to hear this and yes they did offer the extra for us. I booked it over the phone with a lovely lady who was very helpful and polite. They gave me the same price as quoted on the internet no problems.

As soon as I got off the phone I had a call back from the branch I had booked the van from to make sure everything was correct and also a confirmation email.


The day arrived and off we went to pick up the van and it was very simple and easy to do, the customer service was second to none. Everything was explained and we were offered for a very small extra fee tyre cover, which we took out. Within about 15 mins we we’re on our way.

The van was a ’64 plate so fairly new and very clean inside and out. Ian said it was easy to drive and we had a comfortable ride to Leicester in it no problems.

A side sliding door.

We loaded up with as I said, more than we had planned, my sister and brother in law seemed to keep finding stuff to load us up with! In about an hour we were back on our way home. It was great having the side sliding door along with the back doors, it meant we could access the whole van easily.


Once unloaded we took the van back, by this time we’d had it for about 5½ hrs, but there was no need to keep it for the full 24hrs and have it sitting outside the house for no reason.

The van

The guy we dealt with when we took it back did look surprised when we said we’d been to Leicester and back. Again on it’s return we had no problems and everything was dealt with very efficiently, it made a nice change to get good service and polite staff.

Thank you Enterprise, you really do live up to your tag line “UK car hire with US customer service”

Disclaimer:- We paid for the van hire ourselves and where not asked to write this review, I just wanted to share a great experience with you.

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