It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, step parent or grandparent those magical snuggle moments stay in our hearts and memories for a life time.

With Fairy Non Bio and the #PowerOfSoft I am going to share a few our our special moments with you all.

When Paige was a baby she had to go into hospital and we all know how yucky hospitals can be so having cuddles with her smelling so fresh and clean made it so much better, I love this picture of #PowerOfSoft snuggles with Gramps.

Paige and Grandad

Fairy Non Bio made those moments special, Kirsty used Fairy as she knew it was the best for Paige and her delicate skin and made her clothes so soft and she knew she could rely on Fairy.

Sometimes those special moments are hard to capture, but I managed to grab this picture of Paige and her mummy, which even now makes me smile. It shows just how cheeky Paige is and how much she loves her snuggly moments with her mum.

Paige and Mum


Paige started nursery a couple of weeks ago and due to some family health problems, Kirsty asked if I would pick up Paige after her first full day and what greeted me melted my heart, she came running up to me calling “Nanny look at me I’ve been painting”

Fairy Non Bio

Errrrrrrr yep you sure have Paige, was there any paint on the paper? was my first thought! She looked so grown up, where had our little girl gone to? 

Paige and Crunchie have always been a comedy double act to watch, Paige chasing and Crunchie running away šŸ˜‰ and we have spent many a time laughing at their antics but this picture say’s it all, Crunchie is Paige’s best friend when she’s got cucumber!

Fairy Non Bio

Nursery is a tiring place and the next day Paige just couldn’t stay awake any longer šŸ™

Sleepy Paige

All these pictures are memories that I hold dear, but one I haven’t got a picture of is when I had to take Kirsty to her first day at “BIG” school, she looked so small walking up to the entrance, then turned and ran back to me and threw her arms around me and said she didn’t want to go, somehow I stayed strong and told her she had to and spotted a friend who came over and went in with her. I turned away and blubbed like a baby, as soon as I got home I went into her room and cried into one of her cuddly toys.

That was definitely a #PowerOfSoft moment for me.

Fairy Non Bio #PowerOfSoft have created a beautiful video which has a message for us all, Mum’s and Dad’s, make the most of those super soft and special moments with your little ones, they grow up so quickly! Give your babies an extra soft cuddle today because they wont stay little for long. #Powerofsoft

Disclosure :- This is a sponsored post but all words and thoughts are my own.

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