Have you been forced into early retirement? I have. What did I do wrong? I may look a bit tired, but I have loads of years left in me. I may not be a quick as I used to be, bit I’m not ready for the scrapheap yet.

Early retirement has it benefits, if I want to sleep all day I can do, no-one is coming to wake me up at strange times of the day, there was actually no pattern to my working hours, other than it was always day light when I went out to work, never in the dark and unless it started to rain whilst I was already out I didn’t work in the rain. 

I actually only worked realistically between about March and October, unless the weather was particularly mild. Not that it was even hard work then.

I must apologise, I haven’t introduced myself  


Yep I’m the lawnmover, well I was before I was forced into early retirement, now I’m just another cast off. So the big question, why have I been forced into early retirement? Nope it’s not what you think, I’ve not been replaced by a new younger model, I have been replaced by this ……..

Greenway UK

Artificial grass. I admit last year I got very wet and muddy, but that wasn’t my fault surely? I didn’t make it rain, I didn’t make Crunchie run up and down and tear clumps out of me did I? No, but I get replaced.

The first I knew changes were afoot, was when Greenway UK turned up and started ripping out the grass, I could hear it all going on, but couldn’t see as I was in my cosy shed.

This is what it looked like before…………. a total mess I know you’ll agree.

early-retirement-1 early-retirement-2

early-retirement-3 early-retirement-8



After just a week, this was the sight that I saw when I was moved from my cosy shed, into the big drafty shed 🙁

early-retirement-7 early-retirement-5


The grass is Premium Deluxe artificial grass, it looks very realistic, and ohhh so smart. No more mud, no more cutting or edging, early retirement for me the lowly lawnmower.

Crunchie LOVES it, (there was some concern as to whether she would like it or even go to the loo on it, but she was totally at home with it) as do my former owners (ok they still own me but pppffftttt) The best comment I heard was from a Ian saying “It makes poo clearing a joy!”

The whole garden was given a makeover with new slabs, new steps in front of the back door and the patio doors. There is still a bit of work to complete it, but the stones have been topped up and there are sleepers all ready for cutting and putting into place to finish off the edges by the side fence and top garden.

Greenway UK were great, they cleared away all the mess and even brought some flowers round


and some garden cleanser.

woof it

The garden now is so much safer for without all the broken concrete and looks amazing. Roll on no mud in the winter, no dirty wet footprints, now clumps of grass in the house and no burnt patches during the summer.

P.S If you live locally and need a secondhand, reliable new lawnmover, please let my owners know, before I end up at the tip! 

Disclosure. This is a personal post and has not been compensated in any way. 


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