Diary of The Travelling Seanchai :-

Ghosts, Blow Holes and Electric Charges!

2007-07-26 to 2007-07-29

Port St Johns is supposed to be a strangely spiritual place according to the manager of the hostel and it might have explained why I dreamt that I was in fact dead and was a travelling ghost that only other travellers could see?! I actually had to convince myself of my existence in the morning (you see what happens when I have a quiet night away from the bar!) Can somebody please make mine a double?!


We (Kat, Ollie,Matt and I) had had a night off, firstly going up to see the amazing sunset with the most amazing, vibrant, fiery colours I`ve seen, then just having a chat in Amapando`s bar and turning in early after the antics of Coffee Shack, hence the bizarre dream! Not wanting to face any more demons we decided to leave PSJ that day (much to the chagrin of the owner) but before hand we had heard about this Blow Hole that we should check out. Basically, through erosion, a hole has formed that spits out violently water when a big enough wave enters its cavern!


It was an unreal trek to get to it, over the beach, up a hill, through a forest, then on top of the windswept coastal Bluff, then an abseil down the side of the cliff to a rickety ladder, across a wind tunnel, up another ladder (equally as rickety!) and then over the pinnacle and down to the Blow Hole by the water’s edge! And then it wasn`t even Blowing! As we caught our breath (and quenched thoughts of killing the Aussie guy Chris that had sent us here!), a change in the sea conditions brought some big waves and `THAR SHE BLOWS CAP`N`!!


It was a violent eruption as we edged closer to take a better look and I don`t mind admitting it gave me a solid taste of heart in mouth! (Better than the foot in mouth disease that I am prone to from time to time!) We decided to head back and we were rewarded by sighting about 40 dolphins surfing the waves and doing some jumps as they moved along the coast! Unreal!


One of the things that I have been collecting on this trip so far are `words that aren`t used nearly enough`! The rules are simple. It has to be a word that is known by the majority, is rarely used but causes that `oh, nice word` reaction when you hear it and it has to come up in normal conversation! We have had some beauties in the last few weeks including diaspora, tactile, umbrage, ilk, gusto, discombobulated (someone actually said that!), ostensibly, skullduggery and my current favourite, plethora!


Saying goodbye to Matt and Ollie, Kat and I set off for Durban. I stayed at Nomad`s that night but next day went to stay at my mate Glen`s place (who I met in JBay) in Durban North. I got settled in to his amazing house and then shortly after he told me that we had box seats for the big local rugby derby between the Sharks and the Bulls! If that wasn`t enough, we were going with his date Renae and her new flatmate, the beautiful Lauren! Man, I hate this travelling lark, so so hard!


It was a great game and after we went to a party at one of Glen`s friends place. I have been to some amazing houses in my time but this one takes some beating! I met my hosts Dee and Steve and before I left, Steve showed me his old backpack that he had travelled the world with. He was left with 48 cents on a beach at Durban at one point and now he lived in this place so he told me to keep travelling because there was always money to be made later. It was a tonic to hear that…


Then we went to the city where we bumped into Kat and her friend Linda and we all went to a club called Society to meet Pete, the quintessential playboy! I decided to pull the plug relatively early and set off back for Glen`s place. I hailed a `taxi` (term used loosely as the taxi sign was homemade and detachable!) and I got talking to my Zulu driver who taught me the basics in his language. We had haggled over a fare but when he got way lost, he assured me that he `would get me home, even if it took hours`! Such dedication to his work! When we finally found Glen`s place, he told me his name was Patrick and no, he had never heard that that was an Irish name!


Glen was supposed to have called ahead to get his flatmates to let me in but when they didn`t respond to the buzzer I had to climb over his 10ft high gate, avoid the spikes, calm the two dogs waiting inside for me but while I was doing this I failed to see the electric wire fence and BUZZZZZZZ! Ouch!!! A good healthy dosage of electricity to get the heart going!


suppressing urges to electrocute Glen, we set off next day to an open air concert, Watershed were the local band made good who sounded very much like The Counting Crows. After that we went to visit Catherine (a new Facebook buddy) and we stayed for dinner as we chatted with her entire family, particularly her fascinating grandma who had been in the S African Parliament! Having had a healthy dose of culture, I set off to meet Jimmy and Wilmie (ex JBay mates) and we had a great evening, venturing on to the dancefloor and giving the “Billie Jean Shuffle” it`s world debut!


I was ready to leave next day to go to Swaziland but it was then that I realised, hmmm, where`s my passport?!

Next:- Dude, where`s my passport?!

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