Last night Moseley Cricket Club, Streetsbrook Road, Shirley, Birmingham was chosen to host an evening with the Ashes Roadshow, hosted by Graeme Swann and Mark Chapman.

Graeme Swann Ashes Roadshow, Moseley Cricket Club

Graeme Swann Ashes Roadshow was a live broadcast in association with BBC 5 Live and co hosted by Mark Chapman with special guests Glenn McGrath, Damien Fleming and Jonathan Trott.

Graeme Swann Ashes Roadshow

The crew arrived at the cricket club early to start setting up and boy did they bring a hell of a lot of kit with them! Everything has it’s place and everything is timed to the last second, even how long it took the guests to walk from the foyer to the function room. So much work goes into setting up for a show like this, it’s a 90 minute show, but the crew started setting up at 9am and were still packing away when we left at about 10pm.

Some of the outside equipment

The club was buzzing, the function room was full as was the bar area, anyone would think there was celebrities there :-). The function had been transformed into a studio, lights, cameras, action …………. ok I added the action bit.

PicMonkey Collage 4

Here are Jonathan Trott, Damien Fleming and Glenn McGrath being introduced to the audience.

Here is a snippet of the show.

During the Graeme Swann Ashes Roadshow there were breaks in which they interviewed Moseley Cricket Club’s Ian Westwood (Warwickshire CC) who is not only having his benefit year this year, but is also getting married in a couple of months so an exciting time for him, a couple of cricket fans and Moseley’s chairman Dick Chase.

Shirley CC’s own Scott Whitehouse also had a cameo during the show. 

Scott Whitehouse

During the Ashes 2010/11 tour we were lucky to meet Glenn McGrath at the SCG on training day and I have to admit, I did swear at him! Whoops, ok it wasn’t with any kind of malice, it was purely I turned round and he was behind me and he was massive, massively tall! I did last night apologise to him, he said to me that he betted he’d laughed about it on the day as he did last night, yep he did, cos he said he was used to Poms swearing at him!

Glenn McGrath 2011

Glenn in 2011


Glenn McGrath 2015

2015, is it me or does he look younger now?









Everyone who was there said what a great evening it had been, there was plenty of laughter and mikey taking, mainly of Glenn! But he took it all in good fun.

The whole Graeme Swann Ashes Roadshow was broadcast live on BBC 5 Live and also on the red button. This link will only work for the next 29 days (from 26/07/15) but it is the show in full

Thanks to the whole crew who were involved with setting up the production, they worked like beavers behind the scenes and thank you to Radio 5 Live who chose Moseley for this great evening.

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