Now the summer is here and Fathers Day is just around the corner, this gift would be perfect, not just for dad, but for all the family to share, well it makes sense to buy something that everyone can use ……….. doesn’t it?

I chose the Dinky Diner Slushy Maker from Liberty Trading. I’ve not had a slushy or slush puppy as us old folk used to call them for years. 

Fathers Day


The machine is easy to set up and use, you just add some water, some rock salt and ice cubes to the middle section. Start the machine and add your chosen drink into the back section of the lid. Yes you can add booze to it, but I was good and just made some fruits of the forest squash up and poured that into the back section of the machine.

The instruction manual includes a few different drinks you can try out in your Slushy Maker.

As you can hear from the video it is a bit noisy whilst it’s running, but for the end result it’s worth it. The sound changes as it’s freezing, so you know when it’s nearly ready.

It’s so nice to make your own slushy with whatever drink you fancy, the only thing it does need to be sugared drinks, as sugar free drinks don’t freeze well, what a good excuse to have sugar! Or better still alcohol, but NOT for the kids, that’s adults only 😉

The slushy maker is a great addition to any hose this summer and even better if you get it for dad for Fathers Day, it kills two birds with one stone, a bonus for everyone to use.

Disclosure :- I was sent the Dinky Diner Slushy Maker by Liberty Trading for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own, honest opinions.


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