The Great Ocean Road.

Australia 2013/14

The Great Ocean Road was the next must do on our list, so on leaving Kangaroo Island we started on a mammoth drive, about 5hrs straight through to Kingston SE, although we nearly didn’t make it as we we’re driving on fumes for part of the way!

We followed the Princess Highway around the coastline and suddenly we came across a ferry across the Murray River which we totally hadn’t expected, and it was totally free! It runs 24hrs a day and if there is no-one around you just ring a bell and someone will come and take you to the other side!

Wellington Car Ferry


A bed for the night was all we wanted and ended up in a motel right on the edge of the beach right next door to a pub that did Sunday roasts, yummy we really enjoyed that.

We knew we were at Kingston SE as we’d been told to look out for the big lobster, well you can hardly miss this guy!

Kingston SE Lobster

Next morning, nicely refreshed, we headed back onto the road where the next planned stop was Warrnambool, on the way we passed through Mount Gambier, where we’d been told to go to the Blue Lake, we weren’t sure what exactly it was before arriving but OMG it certainly was blue, we were lucky to see it at the best time of the year when it is at it’s bluest

The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but think of the most intense blue you can and that is about it! It’s just something else totally!

Back on the road we drove through Port MacDonald, Nelson, Portland and Port Fairy, these are all lovely towns all with so much character to them, we did lot’s of ohhhh’s and ahhhhh’s at the houses.

We suddenly came across a lot of people at the side of the road, so being nosey we stopped and there was a koala sitting in a tree right on the edge of the road, so close I didn’t need to use zoom and could’ve touched it if I wanted to.


It was a great way to end the road trip.

We stayed the night at Warrnambool, which is only about 20km from the start of The Great Ocean Road, the excitement was growing………….

We did it, we’re on The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

The Shirley CC flag had to have an airing! We were lucky and there was another car that had stopped to take pictures also so we took some for them and they returned the favour.

We knew the main sights were all from The Bay of Islands onwards are:-

Bay of Islands,

Bay of Martyrs,

The Grotto,

London Bridge,

The Arch,

Two Mile Bay,

Loch Ard Gorge,

The Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles

I could add loads of pictures here but I think you’ll get bored!

There seemed to only be a few 100 metres between each lookout point, so it was top start until The Twelve Apostles and then that was pretty much it, apart from yet more lovely town, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Aireys Inlet, Anglesea and finally out last stop on the road which was Torquay.

Unlike the Torquay in the UK, this was warm! We stayed in a lovely motel over looking the beach, which was huge, the room that is, although the beach was pretty large as well!

We both had a drive on The Great Ocean Road, whilst listening to the radio where Australia reclaimed The Ashes after a very barren spell for them, so maybe it was their turn or maybe they just out played us.

We’re now in Melbourne with Kelly for a few day’s where we’re going to see a few sights before we head to the city on 23rd Dec to stay for the night at the Tune Hotel, before we go to the Citigate Hotel over Christmas and spend the day with the Barmy Army!!!!

Next:- Our few days in Southern Melbourne.

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