I wanted my first post of 2015 to be a happy up beat post, but sadly I really don’t feel I can do that, I had big ideas about my post, our Christmas, what we did, what we ate, who we saw, you know the usual, it was all planned in my head, then things changed.

Happy New Year? I’ve now sat here for over 24 hours watching the Sampson Flat fires in Adelaide SA develop and boy have they developed.

It’s so hard even writing this let alone reading about it and looking at the pictures and peoples comments. Yes there has been mistakes made, but fire is an unpredictable entity, the wind keeps changing, altering the fires course quicker than action can be taken in some cases.

As I write this it has been confirmed that there has been 5 house lost to the fire, with a possible 20 the final number, there have been quite a few injuries to human life, they all seem to be firefighters and a huge loss of live to lots of furbabies, cat’s dogs, horses and obviously wildlife that live in these areas.


One quote from someone’s Facebook page is 

Damn that’s horrible.. Such beautiful scenery gone
So sad

feeling disappointed.

And a friend of mine had just said this 

they can say whatever they like about ‘backwater adelaide’… but in times of crisis – magic happens.

After I commented 

I’m just amazed at how quickly everyone steps in to help, you guys are all amazing & show so much community spirit

Now you’re probably asking why it has affected me so much, well this time last year we were in Australia and had been in Adelaide the second week in December.
It’s so hard to see the pictures of this beautiful area being devastated, you can read more about our trip to the Barossa where we went to Gawler, Williamstown and a few other places that are being ravaged now here

You can see from the pictures below how vast and open the areas are and how dry the ground is, even though it was a wet and gloomy day when we were there, the ground just goes up in flames so easily.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have friends who are very close to the affected areas and some who live about 125k from the closest fires, but we still worry about them.

Australia is such a beautiful place and to see the destruction that the fires are causing is heartbreaking.

All I can do from over here is to pray that all the brave firefighters and volunteers manage to get the fire under control and no more homes and animals are lost and NO lives are lost. Thanks to everyone who is risking their lives to saves others.

Stay safe everyone.

Oh and Happy New Year 🙁

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