How do you read your books?

I love my e-reader

I’ve been a book worm for as long as I can remember and love the amazing choice of books there seems to be around now.

I’ve mentioned before just how many books I read and on our last holiday it was a record number, check out the post here to find out just how many!

This would’ve been an total impossibility without my brilliant e-reader, but like everything they soon bring out better models and now they have built in lights which is amazing and would make it so much easier for me to read at night. Don’t get me wrong I still love my original and it does everything I need it to do and also it was a surprise birthday present for me.

My e-Reader library

I’m a really bad sleeper and love to read at night but the light just isn’t good enough. The new models on the market would take all the stress out of that for me.

I love that e-readers are so portable and lightweight,  easy to use and it’s so simple to transfer books on to them, there’s no hunting for a book mark to save your place, you can add notes to any book you are reading and best of all, the battery life is amazing. Turn them off and turn it on again and hey presto it’s at the exact point you left it at.

The main advantage I find is that it saves on luggage space and weight! When we head back off to Australia it’s going to be a godsend on the flight and when we do spend some relaxing time ( there will be a little, I hope!)

Ian now has his own e-reader so I can pack a few more pairs of flip-flops  clothes and essentials rather than books taking up half the hand luggage space and allowance and suitcase space, on this trip the allowance isn’t a problem as we’re actually allowed 30kg on each flight, although I know there is now way I could fit 30kg of clothes in the suitcase let alone carry it!


Disclosure. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.




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