Now I thought Crunchie was daft until I saw this video of Mr Montgomery, he totally takes the biscuit!

Introducing Mr Montgomery the totally daft dog.

Mr Montgomery

Not only does Mr Montgomery like the vacuum, he’s also a thief! Yes you did read that right a thief!

This is a comment from his owner. 

      “He flipping loves it the big goose ! He stole 2 5 pound notes out of Mary’s bag, he was walking round looking all sheepish and he was giving me the side eye and walking really slow !
      I asked Mary if she had left her bag open and she had .. I grabbed him and found a fiver in his chops. Then he was still acting like a Nump so I grabbed him again and there was another fiver in there lol.
       Little git 🙂 he was like a walking cash machine

Now for his latest antics, forget the brush, just give him a vacuum!! 

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