Is my Blog Missing in Action?

I started my blog for me to enable me to follow my life, document our travels, keep a check on things.


Somewhere along the way something seems to have gone array.

How? ………………… Oh yeah I started to worry about readership & figures.

That’s not what I want from my blog. I want to enjoy it, I want YOU to enjoy it. I want to share our ups & downs with you. There are some things that will always stay private but most I will try to put in writing. I’m not going to tell you everytime one of us has been to the loo, but I will share bit’s of our life that you may enjoy reading about.

Don’t get me wrong I love reading your comments & it’s amazing just how many new friends I’ve made since starting this, & I thank each & every one of you for taking the time to read & comment.

 I’m going to try to get back to how I wrote when I started this, to write for me, to be true to myself & not worry about anything else.

My favourite bit’s are my pictures, our travels & the real life stories. How about you?

I hope you continue to follow my journey, especially as we’ve now got our next trip to Australia planned & you can follow all our planning  (which get’s quite stressful) & our whole trip whilst we’re away (internet permitting).

But if you don’t I’m not going to worry about it! (I don’t mean to sound bitchy but it’s true!)

We’re also going back off to Tallinn in June for our annual trip to our second home & although a lot of what goes on there is alcohol related silliness, that’s us!

Ian’s also off to Turin soon & will be doing a  blog post (plus a couple of product reviews)  for me to make me jealous that I’m not there with him!

I’m going to try to share more food/recipe posts with you & may even start adding my odd concoctions of food I eat, trust me some can make a grown man cringe! Lol

I’m going to add posts about our previous holidays, Mexico, Sri Lanka to name a couple.

I am going to find my blog again & not let it go MIA again!

Thanks for sharing our life & I hope you continue to share it with us.


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    • Ness Gorton says:

      That’s what I feel like, although I rarely check my stats but started to feel it was for everyone else but me. It’s a snapshot of my life & I want that back again.
      Enjoy your baby & enjoy looking back at the memories, after all they are YOUR memories x
      Ness Gorton recently posted..Australia is BOOKED!!!!!My Profile

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