Ok I may be a hairdresser but believe me I’m rubbish with anything else creative, take a bunch of flowers, I can put them in a vase & they look, well like they’ve just been thrown in it, my sister can do exactly the same and they look great! She takes after our late mum for that.

Jules Destropper asked if I would like to join in with their Christmas challenge to make more from just a biscuit, to make them a little more exciting.

Jules Destroppper

I didn’t exactly jump at the chance but I did reluctantly say yes.

Now the Jules Destropper biscuits in themselves are really yummy, especially the Butter Crisps, they are rich and really crunchy.

Anyway now for my creations, please try not to laugh too much, maybe even go to the toilet first!! 😉

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I decided to try to make a snowman, a Christmas tree, a holly style decoration and an outdoor scene, I thought I’d better tell you what they were incase you were a little confused.

Jules Destroppper


Disclosure: I was sent some products from Jules Destropper for the purpose of this post, but trust me the creations are all my own (see I’ll admit to it!)

Westin Gourmet

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