We love a board game in our house, it seems to bring the child out in all of us and we really enjoy the LOGO series of games so I was excited to try LOGO Lite.


LOGO Lite is another great game from Drumond Park and even better the cards from  LOGO Lite can be used with the original LOGO series of games.


The concept is the same but LOGO Lite is a faster paced game , with 260 new cards, that’s 1,056 new questions that are in three formats, Picture Cards, Pot Luck and Theme Cards. 

Each player chooses one of the four differently coloured Disc Holders which surround the spinner. The youngest player goes first and the player to his or her left will be the initial Question Master (QM), who asks the questions.

The QM takes the front card from the tray and asks the player the first of the four questions shown on it. If you get the right answer, you spin the Spinner and put the coloured disc onto your disc holder, if you’ve already got that colour, you then answer the next question.

If you answer it wrongly then the person to your right get’s a chance to answer and if they answer it correctly they get a bonus spin and possibly a bonus disc, if they get it wrong it moves to the next player. My theory to winning is to sit next to someone who’s not very good! Sadly that’s usually me 🙁 Lol.

It does get pretty frustrating when you can’t spin the colours you need to complete your set of discs, but that all adds to the fun of the game. But boy the pressure really get’s to you and then suddenly your mind goes blank, the tension is a real killer.

It’s a great game for all the family especially with Christmas being just around the corner ………… I know sorry I didn’t mean to mention that word!

Do you know your brands?

LOGO Lite is for  2 to 4 players – ages 12 to adult and even better there are no batteries required, meaning you can open the box and play as soon as you get it.

Contents: 264 x question cards 1056 x questions 1 x spinner base (4 x quarters) 1 x spinner 1 x spinner card 24 x coloured chips 1 x instructions.

RRP £19.99

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

Disclosure:- I was sent LOGO Lite from Drumond Park FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions. 

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