I’m sure like me you’re used to seeing regular sized and the mini marshmallows, well let me introduce you to the MEGA Marshmallows.  They are HUGE!

Mega Marshmallows

Mega Marshmallows from Innovative Bites are massive, they are 5cm tall, they are so light and fluffy, as Paige said when she saw them “Wow nanny it’s a massive pillow”!

Mega Marshmallows

Her eyes did pop out her head and even she couldn’t get it all in her mouth! And yes she did try………… initially!

Mega Marshmallows

I decided to experiment, so I took a couple of digestive biscuits, a ¼ of a Mega Marshmallow and some chocolate drizzle. I’m calling it my Mega Marshmallow Fluff!

I put the ¼ of marshmallow onto 1 of the digestives 

Mega Marshmallow fluff

Then popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds………. It came out HUGE!

Mega Marshmallow fluff

It totally swamped the biscuit as you can see!! I put the 2nd digestive on top and drizzled it with chocolate sauce.

Mega Marshmallow fluff

OMG it was amazing! Do remember Wagon Wheel bars? Well it was like that only 100 times better. Forget Smores, it’s all about these bad boys now 😉 

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Bargain Buys, B&M, Family Bargains, Poundworld & Farm Foods all sell them and they are priced from £3.00 per pack (700g).

Perfect for baking, roasting, making s’mores or just snacking, Mega Marshmallows are the ideal guilt-free snack, containing 0% Fat and just 84Kcal per serving.
They make a fabulous ingredient for icings and fondants, as demonstrated by Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Jamir Hussain, who featured the sweet treat in her winning recipe.

I’ve included a recipe below for you to try. You may need to reduce the recipe as this makes enough fondant for two 23cm cakes. I haven’t personally tried it, so please let me know if you do and how it turns out.

Serves: 15
450g plain marshmallows
900g icing sugar
1½ tablespoons water
butter or margarine, for greasing


Place the marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl and set microwave on high setting for 30 seconds. Add 1½ tablespoons of water. Grease a large spoon with butter or margarine, stir the marshmallows and keep melting in 30 second intervals until marshmallows are smooth.
Begin adding icing sugar about 250g at a time, stirring between each addition, until the whole 900g is incorporated.
At this stage the mixture gets sticky, so grease your hands with butter or margarine and knead on a greased work surface until smooth and no longer sticky.
You can then grease your work surface lightly and roll the fondant out and place over cake that has been covered with marzipan or buttercream.

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Disclosure:- I received a bag of Mega Marshmallows FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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