Did the words ‘Smoke Less’ continue to reappear on your New Year’s resolutions list this January? Perhaps you want to be rid of that lingering smokey smell? Or maybe you are uncomfortable smoking around family and friends? In any case, setting yourself a challenge for the New Year is all well and good, but not if you are going to crumble after a few short weeks. A New Year calls for a new approach, and Nicoccino is here to help with just that…


Nicoccino is a revolutionary product which enables users to enjoy an instant nicotine sensation without tobacco, tar and the anti-social smell associated with smoking. Made using only natural ingredients, Nicoccino is the first consumer product in the UK which offers a discreet and powerful nicotine experience, and can be used in situations where people can’t or don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes.


I’ve only used a couple of the Nicoccino films so far and initially it seems a little odd, I personally got a slight tingling sensation, but think that comes from the mint that is in it. It’s not unpleasant, just a little strange. You pop them on the inside of your lip and just let it dissolve.


How do I feel about using them? I like the idea of no smell and to quell the craving when I am in a situation that means I can’t smoke, but as always the hardest thing is breaking the habit when you would normally have a cigarette. I’ve tried to do other things when I would normally grab 1, like after a meal etc.

If you head over to the Nicoccino website you can request a FREE pack of 5 films to try them for yourself. So what are you waiting for, head over there and start on the road to a smoke free future.

Will it work for me? I’ve no idea but I’m going to give it my best shot.


The product is a leaf-thin natural film which contains 1mg of pure nicotine, equivalent to one regular strength cigarette. Simply placing a Nicoccino film underneath the upper lip and onto the gum, where it will sit securely and dissolve, enables an immediate transfer of nicotine from the film into the bloodstream, and discreetly delivers a powerful nicotine effect.


Developed over 10 years, Nicoccino provides a unique offering to smokers by delivering nicotine without tobacco, tar and the anti-social smell associated with smoking. The product is made using only natural ingredients with an alginate base and is produced to exacting pharmaceutical standards in the US.


Nicoccino is unlike any other product on the market and has been developed to empower users to enjoy nicotine whenever and wherever they want.
Nicoccino is particularly convenient for smokers who spend long periods of time in non-smoking environments, such as the office, on long-haul flights, at concerts, gigs or restaurants. Nicoccino is also ideal for use at home, especially for those with young children, as the product is consumed discreetly and without creating passive-smoke.

Michel Bracke, CEO and Founder of Nicoccino, comments: “Nicoccino is the first product in the UK which offers smokers a quick and discreet nicotine experience, without the undesirable effects that are associated with smoking traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Thanks to Nicoccino, smokers can begin 2015 with the freedom to enjoy a powerful nicotine sensation whenever and wherever they want.”

Disclosure:- I was sent samples FOC charge for this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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