Today was the day for my bilateral toenail removals.

I’d had the colly wobbles about it big time!

See I’ve been through it before, well with 1 toe which you can read about here so I knew what to expect.

I have added my before, mid & after pictures, but the mid is not for the sqeamish!

2013-03-07 12.18.12111

My horrible toes before they were mutilated!

The nurses at the clinic were lovely, she was a bit shocked that I hadn’t had this done before as my nails curve a long way into my toes.

Next came the bit I was dreading, the injections! The nurse bless her did ask me if I wanted some cold spray on to freeze it, but I said I’d be brave!

4, 1 in each side of my toes, the 1st toe wasn’t too bad.

I tried to relax & breathe through it & I managed quite well. Then came toe 2!

The 1st injection was okayish, then the 2nd, initially it was ok but then OMG the burning pain, now that’s what I remembered!

Boy oh boy that bloody really hurt!

It’s an odd sensation after it’s gone numb, you can feel things but there’s no pain.

So she started, I was offered to sit up during it but I’m a wimp & declined! Did I really want to see what they were actually doing? Not on your nelly!

I could feel & hear her cutting the nail away, she said she was surprised that I wasn’t in more pain as they were really deep.

Then came the acid, ok that’s the basic name it’s phenonlsomethingorother!

This is put on, timed & then wiped off. This will (fingers crossed) stop the nail’s growing back by killing the nail bed at the sides.

Now if your squeamish skip this next picture!

2013-03-07 13.29.051111

I’ve purposely kept it small so it’s less disturbing!

The left side of the picture is the nails taken from the inside of my nails & they are about the size of 3/4 of a little finger nail.

On the right are the nails she cut away from the outside of the toes, as you can see they aren’t as wide.

She did ask me if I wanted to bring them home with me!!! GROSS.

No thanks, but laughing I did say I’d take a picture!

Lee wasn’t overly impressed when I showed him the picture & oddly neither my brother-in-law or my dad wanted me to email it to them! Really strange I thought!

Now last time my whole foot was bandaged up with a massive bandage & I was expecting the same & all I got was this!

2013-03-07 13.41.221111And no before you ask, my fake tan didn’t go wrong it’s iodine which I can’t get off till I can have a shower on Saturday!

When I walked out to a patiently waiting Ian, his first words were “Is that it? Oh I’m disappointed now I thought you were going to have massive bandages on!” He then complained to the nurse for not making me scream! How cruel???

Pain wise, I was prepared for a lot of pain, at this point & the anaesthetic seems to have worn off I’m not in too much pain, I can feel something, but it’s a dull ache but nothing that would make me run for the paracetamol.

Much to a friends amusement when I said I was having an op on my feet she asked if I was having my flip flops surgically removed! She know’s me too well!

But as you can see they were the perfect footwear for me when I left.

Tomorrow I go & have the dressings changed & they will put smaller one’s on which I will have to change daily for the next 3 weeks till I go for my check up & then it will possibly be for up to another 5 weeks after that till they have completely healed.

There is a 3% chance that the nails will grow back & apparently it is more common when you have had bilateral’s done, but I’m hoping that it will be successful & I can just carry on and not have to worry anymore about grotty looking, ugly nails.

The nurses where so lovely & put me at my ease, we had a few laughs & a lot of moans about the “establishment” (NHS), I personally couldn’t do their job & I applaud them.

Thanks also to my wonderful nurse maid (Ian) who has been nagging me constantly to not move, even if I’m just shuffling on the sofa! I do think he could’ve been a little more professional & worn a uniform though!

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