Diarmuid Considine (Consi) is an Irishman who has a passion for travel. The Travelling Seanchai.

At present he lives in Tallinn Estonia, but it seems this is only a base for the rest of the world!

*Edit* Consi has now moved to London for the start of a new adventure.

He has kindly allowed me to publish his diary.

Follow his journey’s around the world & visit lots of great places, he will share the highs & the lows of his travels.

Diarmuid Considine

Vietnam :-

Laos :-

Bombs, booze and boneheads!:-

An Update on Damian! :-

Khao San Road, summer afternoon!

Taxis, Temples and Torture

Paradise at the end of the road

The Perplexing Questions of Paradise!

International Linguist on the Wrong Island

Slave Ships, The Holy Grail and Full Moons

Koh Tao. Funny Lookin Kids and Melted Welly Heads

Reflections on Valentine`s Day

You`ve got to be awake for your dreams to come true.

Four weddings and a festival

You never have to keep up with your neighbours if you don`t have any!

Who the hell gets robbed twice in two nights?!!

Who gets run over by a tram?!

From Victim to Pilgrim in one week!

Living the impossible dream for a week!

Getting that Wedding Feeling!

European Cup, That wasn`t in the Script…

Things just don`t go to plan for me!

A session and a waltz around Vienna

Eastern Bloc madness with Ebbens

Oompah Poompah Oobidy Doo!

Missing in Heidelberg

How much is the girly in the window?!! Amsterdam

How Gay Paris lived up to its name!

The Bus trip from hell!

Food for thought for Consi!

Cape Town Capers!

Feeling strangely settled in Cape Town!

Coping with `Caped` and Culture!

Diary of The Travelling Seanchai :- Bungee!

Fish Bowls and Super Tubes


Ghosts, Blow Holes and Electric Charges!

Dude, where`s my passport?!

Fawlty Towers in Mozambique!

The `O Sole Mio` Safari

A run in with Aryans and a trek to the Trekkers

Out of Africa!

South Africa in a nutshell (chocolate bar)

The Law has finally caught up with me!

This is the Road to Hell

The Outback is just way, way too big!

In the Wicked Van with the Consi Halo!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Outback

Home again where the people are half crazy!


I`m not a drug dealer, I don`t need a cavity search…

100 pints of Guinness with a lot of Ice Please!

Bring on South America!!

Sorry, no habla espanol!

How the High Point became the Lowest point of my trip

Whales, Wales and Wallys

Ok, that was brutal… I`m having a second birthday!

Shortest Entry ever

Surviving South American Football Matches

Falling for Iguazu

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