PCOS Cysterhood UK – #foambeardselfie for #Pcos Awareness month


PCOS is something very close to my heart, I wrote about my struggles here.  PCOS Cysterhood Uk’s is raising awareness with a #foambeardselfie campaign during September 2014. Show your support  by sharing and sending them your foam beard selfies! You can find out more by following the links below. It wont cost you a penny, it’s for fun and to show your support.

September PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) affects 1 in 10 women globally, and is the most common cause of female infertility. As PCOS is a hormonal imbalance its more than just infertility problems, signs that you may have PCOS can include:

Absent or irregular periods
Being overweight and struggling to loose weight
Pelvic Pain
PCOS sufferers also have higher rates of depression and anxiety.


The PCOS Cysterhood UK was formed in February 2013 as it became apparent that there was a need for ladies to be able to talk to each other and gain support throughout their PCOS diagnosis and journey. From a small group of around 50 ladies, we have grown and now have in excess of 1300 members, we believe our group provides valuable support sharing information regarding latest treatments, helping ladies to understand the condition more and just providing a safe haven to talk about our problems to others that understand!

September is PCOS Awareness month, so our online campaign to raise awareness is #foambeardselfie – we are asking all of our members to upload photos of them with shaving foam beards, and encouraging their friends and family to do the same. So far we’ve had a fantastic response and some amazing photos and videos shared – and the campaign has only just started! We don’t want money, just to raise awareness.

Our admin team would be happy to provide more information, or a more in-depth story, we all have PCOS and have different stories including infertility, miscarriages, fertility treatment, hirsutism and treatment, and rainbow babies.

Our ‘like’ page on Facebook

Our Campaign page is here.

 On Twitter: @PcosCysterhood1

PCOS awareness video:

To contact the admin team: pcoscysterhooduk@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for your support!

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