Planes, shuttle buses and New Year!!

New Years Eve saw us leave Melbourne and head to Sydney, the flight is a fairly quick flight, well in comparison to our previous flights, this was a hop, skip and a jump!

We flew with Qantas and were really impressed with the flight, each seat has it’s own iPad

Qantas iPad

which is linked into the entertainment system so you can choose what you want to watch, although it was a bit daft putting programmes of more than 40mins on as they turned them off halfway through watching a programme!!

We did get a snack

Yummy snack

and a drink during the flight, sadly this came very close to landing so it was a little rushed for us,but then they kept giving us drinks, wine, water, soft drinks, coffee! But Thanks Qantas, who are we to refuse???

Hello Sydney

We got the airport shuttle to the hotel and it was fairly quick and we were lucky in that we were the first drop off, we stayed at the Best Western Hotel Stellar last time we were here and it’s perfectly placed for us to walk to the cricket ground, although a little far out from the harbour, ok it’s only 1.8km but most is up-hill! Trust me they are a killer!

We’re actually in the same position room, just a floor higher. The hotel has been upgraded and looks very smart, it now also includes a full cooked breakfast, wi-fi in all the rooms and a partially fitted kitchen area with a full sized fridge, microwave, kettle, sandwich toaster and sink. Plates, glasses and cutlery a plenty.

New Years Eve saw us head down to the Barmy Army HQ, The Paragon Hotel for our celebrations and we had a really good night, it wasn’t as busy as we were expecting and a lot of people went out into the harbour to see the fireworks at midnight, we watched them out the window and on the t.v! Well we’re too old to stand in the crush of bodies and also we’ve seen them before but they were still good and it’s great to say you were there for the fireworks.

Sydney New Years Eve

We had a couple of days to kill before the “cricket”, New Years Day we just pottered around in the harbour and the CBD and on the 2/01 we headed to Coogee to watch the Barmy Army vs The Fanatics.

Coogee Beach

Sadly the Barmies didn’t win the match but they did win the tug of war!! Yorkshire Tea were there, dishing out cups of tea and iced tea, cakes, sandwiches and food from the barbie, but sadly this was only to the “invited” and we weren’t invited!! I wonder why??????

Where else can you go and see a proper cup ‘o’ tea?

Yorkshire Tea

The Test

I personally think the less said about the cricket the better,

Shirley CC Flag

The Shirley CC flag had an airing, and that was probably the highlight! To say it was an embarrassment, is an understatement and when we found out the players, after loosing on day 3, were given a day off and most ended up on Bondi Beach, my reaction was they should have been locked in a room and made to explain why they messed up as badly as they did, not given a treat to go and play with their buckets and spades! Ian said they should have been made to clean the hotel as punishment!

They couldn’t even properly thank the fans for spending time and money supporting them, they skulked off with hardly a backwards glance.

We paid good money to see them perform and we saw nothing but a lack lustre team who had no heart and just couldn’t be bothered, if they had at least tried, then maybe I personally would feel different!

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