I did a lot of research before I headed to Puerto Vallarta, I knew about the different zones (hotel zone, romantic zone, marina etc). I knew where I wanted to stay and searched and searched until I found the right place at the right price. I was aware when I booked at San Marino that I was booking at a gay friendly hotel and that it was bordering the gay zone in the Romantic area – but it was the only reasonably priced all inclusive in the area I wanted to be in, and it was perfectly fine with me.

After all, I wasn’t going looking for romance – I was looking to spend some time in the sun with my daughter, share some adventures with her and experience the culture of Puerto Vallarta. I was looking forward to seeing the buildings in the Old PV area, and couldn’t wait to experience walking along the Malecon. I shared my research info with Ashlea and we spent hours discussing and planning out where we’d stay and the tours and activities we wanted to do. We were set.. and off we went!!


We flew with US Airways out of Spokane, WA, with a transfer and a short (1 hour) layover in Phoenix, Az. Our flights on the way down were smooth – no problems at all and our flights were on time. Arrival at the PV airport was quite an experience! I’d been told by friends that I could exchange Canadian or US money at the airport.. so as soon as we’d claimed our baggage, I saw a big money exchange place and headed over. And of course I’d done the research, so I knew that the current exchange rates were about 12%, but money does go up and down and our $$ had been fluctuating the week before we left, so I didn’t think too much about it when I was offered a rate just over 10%. I was going to only exchange about $75.00, but they said that I should do more because if I exchanged $230.00 or more, I would get a better rate. So I put in pretty much all the cash I had on hand, and then Ashlea put in a bit of hers so she’d have some pesos too, and we came up with enough to get the better rate. Haha @us!! This brought our rate up to about 10.5%… a total rip off.. the bank exchange rates are actually over 12%, almost 13%. That may not seem like a lot, but when you do the math you soon realize that is a difference of $20-30.00 on every 1000 pesos (10% = 1000 pesos/$100, 12% = 1200 pesos/$100 etc) … so for that $230.00 we exchanged, we were ripped off about $50.00. I’m sure they were laughing and high fiving each other as we walked away! lol Live and learn. I won’t make that mistake again!!!!

Ok, so you’d think that would be the end of the airport arrival stories.. but no. lol I’d pre-arranged a transport from the airport to the hotel with a company I’d purchased a couple tours from, and right on the certificate(that I had to print out & bring), there were instructions telling us to clear customs and then go straight through the first 2 rooms and to ignore all the time share people. You wouldn’t think you’d need to be warned about something like that, but holy moly they were flying at us… I don’t know how many people were yelling out at us to pick them, talk to them, I just held up my certificate showing I had a transfer and said, No gracious over and over. We made it through the first room… into the second room walking as quickly as possible and trying to avoid eye contact… more yelling at us.. then this guy blocks my path and is telling me I have to go to the counter and I said no, gracious and pointed to the door and said I have a taxi, and he is saying no and had I been to PV before, and didn’t I know I had to check in… I said no, and he was grabbing my luggage out of my hand and telling me he knew what he was doing he worked there and he should know better than me what to do, and that check in was mandatory, and then he yanked my luggage right away from me and directed me to this counter. Well what the hell do I know? This didn’t seem right, but the counter sure looked official and I didn’t want to get into trouble. He was a nasty little sucker, and if I have one big complaint about PV it is that they do not prevent this from happening to tourists.

Luckily for us though, the person he ushered us too was the most handsome and charming Mexican man you could ever meet. Roberto, oh Roberto – I would have married him on the spot. He was so sweet, so nice, so friendly and oh so helpful.. and the most beautiful smile. He charmed his way into our black little hearts within about 30 seconds. Why no Roberto, I’m not the sister, I’m the mama… I look too young?!? *Blush* So sweet. He went through our documents and itinerary and checked which tours we were already taking and gave us a map and circled where everything was in relation to our hotel so we’d know where to go. So helpful. But we are not stupid.. we’d realized already that this was a time share scam and that sooner or later the bottom line was coming. But by then we were both a little in love, and I knew Ashlea would have no problem calling him Padre. The offer of two free tickets to the Rhythms of the Night tour that Ashlea really wanted to do, worth about $100.00 each, along with two free massages, a bottle of Kahlua, as well as a promise from the beautiful Roberto that he himself personally would pick us up at our hotel and escort us to the presentation which he guaranteed would not take longer than 90 minutes, was more than we could resist: we were in hook line and sinker. I barely noticed that another $500.00 pesos ($50.00 at the rates I’d gotten) had left my pocket. It’s all good though, charming Roberto had assured me it was nothing to worry about – it was just to insure that we would indeed go to the presentation and it would be returned to me the next day. Yes, the next day… our first morning in PV would be spent at a time share… but a lovely free breakfast would be included. lol I’m sure these fellows were also laughing and high fiving when we walked away!! LOL

After we finally made it out of the time share room alive, our driver (who’d almost given up on us) was waiting. The airport transfer was fine, but we had not even left the airport yet when the escorts (driver & one other guy) were telling us how thirsty we looked and offering to stop somewhere and get us beer, and as tempting as it was, I realized right away that they were only offering because their was an extra fee involved if we did. I said we were excited to get to the hotel as quickly as possible and they let it go. They tried a bit to coax us but didn’t continue to bug us when I said no again. Also – in my opinion the airport transfer was completely unnecessary and it made the ride more expensive that it needed to be. Taxi rates are fixed amounts and determined by which zone you are travelling to & taxis are plentiful. I wasted about an extra $10.00 by pre-booking this, but that is still a savings of about $50 compared to what Expedia and many other travel sites will charge if you do the airport transfers through them.


Arrival at our hotel!

Arrival at the hotel was good… everything was clean and everyone was smiling and friendly. The concierge immediately took our bags and then went to get us each a margarita.. we had the drink in our hand before we even made it to our room. The room looked great – spacious and clean, two queen beds (as requested), nice bathroom. Not the worlds greatest view as we were only on the first floor.. but we had a city and partial ocean view off of our deck, and out our front door there was a big wide outdoor hallway with another seating area by our door, with a better view of the ocean and well as views of the pools in the court yard below. We figured it would be fine. But oh lord the bed was hard and the room was really noisy. I did not get much sleep that night. I could hear people hooting, hollering and partying pretty much all night. One party goer was helpful enough to tell me the time though.. he was yelling at a buddy that he shouldn’t be such a wimp, it was only 1:30am, what was he doing going to bed already?!? lol The party goers finally settled down at maybe 3 or 4am, right about the same time that the garbage and sewer trucks start up, and then at about 5-6am the street vendors and shop owners start setting back up for the day. Good grief!

I had heard about how busy and noisy downtown PV can be, and had even warned Ashlea that she should probably bring ear plugs, but I can usually sleep through anything and didn’t think it was going to be a problem for me. WRONG! lol I knew after one sleepless night that it was going to be a long, long week if I didn’t complain and get us moved to a quieter room. So that is what I did. I was prepared to have to pay a bit more, especially if I wanted a better ocean view. The hotel staff was really good about this and agreed to move us, and I was happy and surprised when we got moved to the 5th floor (on the opposite side of the courtyard) with a much nicer view and it didn’t cost a penny extra.

The only drawback was this was clearly the older part of the hotel and the bathroom was not that great… cracked tiles on the floor and a crack in the sink, as well as one king bed rather than two queens. The trade off for the view was worth it though and the rest of the room was good, nice, sparkly clean tile floors and the bed had a nice thick mattress pad and was much more comfy. After getting our stuff quickly moved to the new room we had a quick cup of coffee and then it was time to go meet Roberto to go to breakfast and the presentation.

Roberto? Where are you.. who is this guy that looks like you but not quite like you? What happened to your nicely trimmed moustache and beard? What do you mean you are not actually driving us to the presentation but just opening the cab door and paying for our ride? It was a very confusing start to things, but the drive to Riviera Nayarit was fine – we had a friendly driver who tried to explain things to us and we got to see a lot of PV and travelled across the bridge from the state of Jalisco into the next state (Nayarit). When we arrived at Paradise Village, we saw Roberto right away, who explained he’d forgotten he had to work at the site today, and he’d done the next best thing by sending his younger brother. Bullshit I’m sure, but at least it cleared up the confusion, and anything coming from this handsome man’s lips sounded good – so whatever.

Roberto handed us off to someone else who checked us in and confirmed that I’d be getting back my $500.00 pesos, who then handed us off to Oscar who escorted us in to the breakfast portion of the presentation. The food was good.. but nothing better or fancier than we saw at our hotel that was already part of our all inclusive. Oscar was nice, he ate breakfast with us and reassured us several times that everything was “no pressure” at all to buy. After breakfast Oscar took us on a tour of the hotel – which really was an amazing place. 3 spas, 3 gyms, 2 golf courses, several bars, restaurants and pools, including one pool that had huge water slides that were crocodiles, and you came out through the crocs mouth into the pool. Every where you looked there were amazing views – and probably the most interesting thing was they had a tiger breeding program, and have successfully bred over 72 tigers already, which they sell to zoos all over the world. We saw a few of them, including a couple of adorable babies, but it was at a point when I couldn’t stop and get a picture, and by the time I was able to get a pic the babies were gone. I did get a pic of one of the adults that they currently use for breeding though.

One of the Tigers used for breeding at the time share (Paradise Village) that we went to.

The rooms and views were amazing – and each of them had very nice fully equipped modern kitchens – no doubt this was a 5 star hotel. Once they showed us all the sites they took us back to the room where we had breakfast.. and now the selling begins. Oscar himself was always polite and nice, but despite his earlier claims of no pressure, the constant assumption that of course I would buy as I would be doing myself a favour (not him) was always there. They also give constant reminders of how much they were giving us and how much those gifts cost and how much they spend each day to give those gifts to everyone and how could they do that if we didn’t buy? (ie – giving us a guilt trip like you are bad for taking something for nothing). He remained nice – but I’d given enough hints by then that he knew I was going to say no, so he moved it up to the next level of pressure and brought in another person to offer me an even better deal and pressure me some more. It was a sweet deal they were offering…. but I had no plans of buying anything. I stuck to my guns and after another half hour of pressure, eventually they gave up. But not really – they just moved us up to the next level of pressure. At this point, the 90 minute presentation was long over… we were moving into the 2 or 3 hour mark. And now they moved us to a different part of the hotel to speak to an older American gentleman, under the guise that he was just going to get a “review” of their presentation so they could get feedback on our experience and the people we’d worked with (Robert, Oscar, etc) all the while he continually asked about why I said no, then he would throw in other ideas and prices, until finally he had this whole new plan for me that worked differently from the time share, after all I am very special, and he was quite upfront about how at this point they just want to recoup costs, and if they can get me to agree then at least they will have made enough money to pay for the prizes they gave out that day (not just to me, but others as well). The prices again came down and the number of things they offered went up. After another hour plus of more pressure – I was offered 4 weeks vacation at their resort, or could be used at any other of the 4-5 star royal resorts world wide .. 2 weeks I had to use myself, and 2×1 week vacations that I had to give away (to my kids or whoever I chose) – and it was a 100 year certificate (rather than the 35 year one I’d originally been offered).. and the only cost of the vacations each year would be 98-298 per week, depending on the size of the room & our location, no monthly or annual maintenance fees, and those prices were guaranteed for the 100 year life of the policy, all of which was transferrable upon my death or the death of the people I’d given 1 week holidays to. All for $2700.00 which they said I could break up into monthly payments. OMG it was tempting!!! I held out though – I don’t even have a regular mastercard, it is an MC debit card – so I didn’t have even money in the bank or a credit card to put it on anyway. Which I guess is a good thing, because lordie if I did – I may have given in at that point!! We’d already been there for nearly 4 hours by then and I was completely drained and exhausted from dealing with their non-stop pressure. I don’t think I would ever go to a time share presentation again unless I really did plan to buy it!! It was just TOO MUCH!!! However, I do have to say that they held up their end of the bargain and we did get everything they promised us – including our taxi costs, the tickets, the bottle of kahlua.. and they even agreed to give us a credit for the grocery store (right beside their property) instead of the 2 massages because the massages were at their place & I convinced them we had no time & we were staying too far to be able to come back. So that was cool.. they gave us 800 pesos & with that we got ourselves lunch to eat in the taxi on the ride home, a bit of junk food and a bunch of souvenirs.

We were pretty damn happy to make it back to our hotel in once piece and to once again see the friendly smiling faces of the hotel staff. They were just so great to us at all times… and we finally got to go upstairs and enjoy the new room we’d been moved to! Dinner was great that night – as well as all other nights we ate there as well. After dinner when Ashlea and I were in the elevator on our way back up to our room we noticed that the elevator buttons indicated the hotel went up to the 8th floor, which seemed odd since over at our room, we were on the top floor (5th) – so we wondered what the 3 mystery floors were and decided we’d go up and see and hoped that maybe find our selves some really good views. And sure enough, that is what we found & we realized that this side of the hotel (where our room was originally) did have rooms right up to the 8th floor. Then these guys came out of a room near the corner and they were laughing and yacking – so we started talking to them and telling them they were lucky to have such awesome views from up here.

The view

They invited us to come into their room, and said that we’d be perfectly safe since they liked boys not girls.. lol… and allowed us to see their view of the ocean from the front (it was incredible – I got a pic). We made friends with them quickly – there were 5 of them – all from Ontario, ranging in age from 29 to 65. They were all very nice and very sweet and ended up asking us if we wanted to go out bar hopping to the gay bars with them that night. We did & had so much fun with them. It was quite the experience! There was this one club that had about 150 of the best looking guys you’ve ever seen & it was so bizarre to realize that none of them had the slightest bit of interest in females. lol Well.. I guess I should say all but one of them – one of the younger, cuter of the guys in our group decided he had a crush on Ashlea, and I swear to go she nearly converted him. LOL!!!!! He tried hard, but she turned him down, although not before getting a lot of attention and several kisses. haha Damn too bad he was gay – he was HOT & he was a real estate broker and was in the middle of getting a very nice condo built in PV. Most of these guys seemed to be fairly well off and were interesting.. the oldest fellow had been married twice before admitting he was gay.. he was a lawyer and travels a lot.. I enjoyed talking to him, another one had also been married before and both had adult kids. The youngest of the group was this cutie named Brandon, he was the only one of them not staying in the expensive suites, his room was right next door to ours & I wanted to adopt him & bring him home. He needed my protection..lol… those older boys were like predators all over him. He could barely move without one of them trying to grab his butt or rutt up against him, and he said he didn’t like any of them but didn’t know how to say no to them. He told me he wished he wasn’t gay because he wanted to marry me. LOL!! I told him it would be better for him to marry Ashlea as she was more his age, and I could be his Mom and he said no, he liked me better. lol Too cute. Anyway – so we had a very fun night, and although we never did go out with them again, we did see them a lot at the hotel and sat with them several times for breakfast or one of the other meals we ate at the hotel.

The next day I woke up not feeling too great – my throat was sore & I had a runny nose. I wasn’t sure if it was a cold or allergies (Mexican vegetation or smoke in the bars I wasn’t sure) but I managed to put up with it and we walked up and down the Malecon (sooo pretty)

Strolling along the Malecon



















as well as spent a bit of time at the beach, and then that night we went out for our Pirate Cruise, one of the tours I pre-booked before we left (and got a great deal on). I cannot say enough about how good this tour was – it was AMAZING!!!!!! On Tuesdays & Thursdays the pirate show is geared towards Canadians – and I think all the people on board were Canadians…. they hoist the Canadian flag, sing our anthem, and just generally gear their show to include bits (mostly jokes) about Canada. It was so much fun and they put on the best show ever! There were about a dozen pirates, all of whom were male except for one, and they were all very sexy & good dancers. And at different parts of the show they practically were like strippers (although they only took their belts & shirts off – it was enough for us to get a lovely view of their rock hard abs)!!!.. lol.


Lucus - the sexiest pirate of them all









All the people on board were divided into groups of about 12-15 people and each group had their own personal pirate – and the personal pirate was responsible for getting our drinks, meals etc. And get us drinks they did!!!! We barely had time to finish one and they were already handing us another. Dinner was fantastic… you had a choice of steak & shrimp kabobs or else chicken cordon blue… we had the chicken, but the other sure looked good as well. Everything was cooked to perfection. After dinner we danced some more and then they carried on with their pirate show – which they’d picked Ashlea to star in as “Pocahontas”. It was HILARIOUS!! Ashlea did a really good job too… basically what happens is the Captain explains to his crew that he is going to retire and choose a new captain, but first he has a secret to tell….. he then does a very good Darth Vader voice to say “Pocahontas, I am your father”.. and she had to go running across the boat deck, yelling papa, papa, and throw herself on him… so she lunges up at him and I guess hit his pistol into his ahem other pistol (ie she sacked him) LOL!!!! Not sure if she really did or not as it was hard to tell at times when they were serious or joking,, but either way it became part of the show and was funny as hell. So then the story continues that he is naming Pocahontas as the new captain, which causes his first mate to snap and mutiny, and a sword fight ensues and the captain and his loyal crew members are forced off the ship (except the hero Lucu is tied to a post and being beaten), and the bad guy and his crew take over the ship.. ..Pocahontas and the other female crew member was locked up in jail. Eventually the captain & his crew return & after a battle with canons (fireworks into the sky… so so cool) and much more sword fighting – the good side prevails, Ashlea (I mean Pocahontas lol) is rescued from jail and is made the new captain of the ship. She is then told that as her reward for being so good in the show she can choose between two prizes.. either a t-shirt or else one of the pirates to bring home with her.. she chooses Lucus, but then is told she’d better choose the t-shirt because Lucus is gay. bahahahahahaha. Then they made her put the t-shirt on in 3 seconds all the while dancing if she wanted to keep it. lol It was just too much fun and so much of it can’t be described – you’ll have to see my pics. I was also video taping a bunch of it, but my batteries died during the beginning of the show, and I guess that caused it to not save a bunch of it, so I missed the part when the Captain announced that Pocahontas was his daughter, but once I got the batteries back in, I taped some more and got about a solid 20 minutes of the show, including sword fights & canons – so hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to share that online!!! If you ever go to PV, you have GOT to go see this show, I guarantee you will love it!!! It was midnight by the time we were back on shore and prob close to 1am before we were back at our room.


The next day we mostly hung around at the hotel.. enjoyed all our meals there.. the pools, the beach, etc. I was really not feeling well by this point and Ashlea had made a new conquest (Julio – the activities director at our hotel) – he was calling me his Mother in law (Suegra) by the end of the day, so when he asked my permission to let him take out my daughter to a club that night, I decided she was in safe hands and I went to bed while she went out. Part of Julio’s job is to take guests out to whatever club is featured on any given night, so we’d assumed he was taking her along with others.. but no, it was just the two of them and it was a date. LOL The next day was the worst of my flu? I was really sick.. I could not stop coughing, sneezing, shivering etc… which really sucked since we had to go on our canopy tour (zip lining) that I’d already paid for… so I put on my big girl panties and went despite how shitty I felt. But by the time we finished the first platform I knew I had a problem.. by the time I walked up the first hill/stairs I was coughing and wheezing and could not breathe – it felt like I had asthma. They encouraged me to carry on & said they had a back up plan if I had more probs with the hill – so I did. And it was good that I did.. I had to go up another steep hill, but then I was able to skip 2 of the platforms that had the biggest uphill sections by cutting through a path across the hill and I got to watch everyone else as they came across the zip line, including watching my daughter flying upside down – so that was cool. Then I had to do one last steep hike, but it was the midway point by then & it was a big platform at the very top of the mountain & there was water waiting there for us. All the rest of the platforms from there did not require uphill hiking – so it was great. I was glad I continued as it is always so much fun.. but I sure felt like crap when we were done. We went back to our hotel for lunch and then went to a pharmacy to get this thing called a z-pack (which one of the gay boys recommended to me) – some kind of antibiotics I had to take for 3 days… I took it and then went to bed … where I stayed & slept for the remainder of the day, while Ashlea went to the beach to ogle Julio. I came back out of the room long enough to have dinner (which I was too sick to even eat) and then I went back to bed while Ashlea went out with Julio again.





Birds at the feeders at Mundo Nogalito Canopy tour












Thankfully the z-pack worked, and I was feeling a million times better by the time I woke up the next day. I was sure not quite back to par (and I’m still not & my nose is chapped & sore) but I was at least well enough to be able to still go out and enjoy the sites and sounds. We spent most of the next 2 days hanging at the pool, beach, walking the Malecon etc.. sipping mango margaritas and enjoying the sites, sounds (always music playing somewhere)and the people. Everyone was friendly and nice. Another new gay friend we met paid for a Mariachi band to serenade us while we ate dinner… yet another of the hotel staff (Alex) began calling me mother in law, and one morning he surprised Ashlea with a red rose with her breakfast (hidden in a white linen napkin.. it was soooooooo cute & made her blush). We were having a blast – but especially her.. lol.. the attention she got was non-stop. I got plenty too though, one fellow told Ashlea she was going to have to go home alone, and when I seemed perplexed by what he meant he explained I was staying behind so he could marry me. I can’t even tell you how many times Mexican men said I was Ashlea’s sister and couldn’t believe I was the mom. I’m sure it was just a line, but it worked for me. LOL

On Friday night, we went out to the Rhythms of the Night tour (the one we got for free from the time share thing).. we were expecting a lot from it, as it looked so amazing when we saw it online and so many people at the hotel told us that it was the best booze cruise/dinner show in Mexico and that we’d like it even more than the pirate show. But we were actually a bit disappointed. For starters, they advertise on board entertainment from the crew while on route to where the show is held. And I guess they sort of did.. but it was just a couple of the male crew dancing to a couple songs, and you had to be up front to even see it. Ashlea went and stood up front so she could see most of it, but I was on the 2nd level about mid-ship and I got a few glimpses but couldn’t see most of it. There is no way anyone further back than me saw a thing.. which would be the majority of the people on board.

We then arrived at the place where the show and dinner was held, somewhere about an hour south of PV, and it was incredibly beautiful. It was a fairly long walk up the pier & then up the hill to where the show was held.. all of it was lit by tea-light candles.. every where you looked there was another pretty site to see.. but it was so dark that it was difficult to get pictures. Once we were seated for the show, we got a couple cool pics during the preshow, but then we were told all cameras had to be turned off – no more pics allowed.








That was disappointing for a shutter bug like me. The show itself was incredible… the setting was an Aztec pyramid, but it was clearly just a fake one as it had gas lines built into it to create fire for the show…lol… it created the illusion though and it was very cool… awesome fire dancers, costumes etc. But the show was much too short.. I don’t think it lasted more than about 1/2 an hour and when it ended I heard many others commenting that they were surprised that it was such a short show. We were escorted out of that area and over to the restaurant area for our dinner. Which was very good.. a buffet with lots of choices, but it was so dark that it was hard to even know for sure what we were eating. And the setting was just TOOO romantic.. great for couples, not so great for Mother & daughter.. we felt a bit out of place. We barely finished eating, and walked along a path with the intent to head down the hill towards the ship so we’d have a better chance of getting a good seat for the onboard entertainment on the way back. Ashlea stopped to use the bathroom, and I’m not sure if there was a long line up or what, but it took her quite a while and by the time she came out, the horn to return to the ship had gone off & the majority of folks had gotten ahead of us, so by the time we were onboard the good seats below had all been taken. We were 2nd level again, but at least close to the front, so we did have a better view of the show this time, but it was so damn cold on the way back it was not a fun voyage.. they gave us a blanket to use & it did help but we still shivered. And the romance just got worse onboard too – they literally turned off the lights & turned on love songs and suggested it was time for everyone to snuggle up and get romantic and said couples could go up front and do their version of the Titanic pose …lol… and some did lol… and all around us couples were kissing and hugging.. awkward!!! lol The crew did put on a bit better show on the way back though, so at least we did have a few good laughs. All in all, I did enjoy the excursion – but I would never go again unless I was with a guy.. and if I could only afford to go on one booze cruise/dinner show – the pirate ship was more fun & a better, more interactive show overall.


Strolling the Malecon again...







On Saturday, we were both starting to feel a bit sad knowing our time was running out – but made the most of our day starting with walking the Malecon in the morning – taking our final pictures and finishing any shopping we still wanted. We picked up bottles of alcohol to bring home with us.. I picked up a bottle of Tequila for Jarrod (already had the Kahlua for myself), and Ashlea picked up some Tequila for herself and her Dad. When we were on our way back & only about a block from our hotel, suddenly the bottom of Ashlea’s bag gave way & one of her bottles of Tequila hit the ground and smashed to bits. You could see from her face she was very upset about it, she’s a poor student & although her Dad gave her some spending money, buying things like that were splurge for her… I was feeling bad for her, but I barely had time to register what happened when this absolutely GORGEOUS Mexican man came running towards us to see if we were okay, and telling us not to worry that he was the owner of the restaurant we were standing in front of (The Blue Shrimp) and that he would take care of us… he took me by the hand and pulled me into his restaurant and beckoned Ashlea to follow .. and he took us to the bar and told his bartender to bring him a bottle of Tequila.. all the while explaining how it was a bigger, better, more expensive bottle of Tequila, and he wanted to give it to us as a gift so we wouldn’t feel bad for dropping ours and have our day spoiled. How sweet is that? He had absolutely no expectation and asked nothing of us, but we were so impressed and appreciative, and said we would return for lunch in a while. And we did.. we had a good (although a bit expensive) lunch. He was not there when we arrived, but his hostess who’d seen what had happened earlier, told us he was at his other restaurant (just a bit further down the beach on the other side of our hotel). He arrived back at the Blue Shrimp part way through our meal, and came over to say hello as soon as he spotted us. Oh man… these Mexican men melt your heart… he captured my hands and kissed both of my cheeks and tells me how nice we came back to see him. He then says his name is Martin (pronounced Marteen) and gives me his business card and signs his name on the back and then said that if we enjoy lunch perhaps I could give him a good review on Trip Advisor. He talked for a few more minutes, and then left us to enjoy our lunch. When we were ready to leave, I requested the bill, when our server returned with it, she also brought us a drink each (Kahlua and milk) courtesy of Martin, and then when we finished our drinks and got up to leave, he came over to say goodbye and gave me a hug and another kiss on the cheek. I haven’t written the review yet.. but I sure will. He was the nicest guy, and I am still amazed at how generous he was with that bottle of tequila. And handsome… did I mention how good looking he was?? lol I might have never left Mexico if he’d flirted with me a while longer.. haha.


Back to the hotel after lunch, I hung out by the pool reading my book and soaking up sunshine while Ashlea did water aerobics and a few other things with her favourite activity director.








Anything to be near Julio… I didn’t mind watching at all… I couldn’t help but ogle him too..

Oogling Ashlea's sweetie... she thought it was a bit creepy, but hey I was just getting pics for her.. lol

damn he was a cute boy!! lol Ashlea thought it was a bit creepy, but understood.. lol… and I took plenty of pics of him for her. And he was so good at his job.. he was quite the little charmer too… you could see that everyone loved him and he was really great at getting everyone involved. I ended up getting talked into this one game (toss the flip flop) and surprised myself by winning. Reps from Senor Frog were there and gave me a bracelet to get free open bar that night (worth about 35.00).. very cool… so that is what we did that evening. Julio was supposed to be bringing a group from the hotel there at 10:30, but told us to go an hour earlier so that we’d be able to get seats and wouldn’t have to pay a cover charge to get in.. so we did. It was a really cool club, loved how it looked – awesome waiters, etc – Ashlea was on the stage chugging a beer in a contest within a minute of our arrival & we were having some good laughs, but shortly after that the young people began to arrive in droves. I’d heard that normally it is a really good mix of a crowd, but it was the first night of spring break for colleges/universities in the States, and I’m sure we’ve all seen what happens in Spring break videos.. lol…. guess we just were there on a bad night… bad for me that is.. Ashlea would have been happy staying I’m sure as they were all her age group. That is she would have been happy if Julio had arrived when he said he would. I told her I’d stay until he got there and then take a taxi back to the hotel, but by 20 to midnight he still hadn’t arrived yet and we were both starting to think he’d decided not to come and she was feeling very down about it – she thought she’d been stood up. So we headed home. Apparently he arrived about 5 minutes after we left… some of the young mexican group that arrived at the hotel that day were a bit of a handful and it took him longer than planned to get them all organized and over to the club. Ooops…we didn’t know that until the next day though. I think he was a bit disappointed too as they wanted to spend time together on our last night in town. Such is life though, and at least they got to spend several hours together on Sunday before our flight. In fact.. they went out on the sea kayaks that day and were lucky enough to have a pod of dolphins swimming within a few feet of them. I was very jealous and wished I’d gone with them – but I had at least given Ashlea my water camera to use and she got pictures of them for me.








All in all, it was a very enjoyable week. Ashlea would like to have accepted one of the multiple marriage proposals and stayed there forever. I wouldn’t have minded staying forever myself… she does have all of Julio’s contact info – so I’m sure they’ll stay in touch. Who knows maybe someday I will be his Suegra for real. LOL One thing for sure is I will return to PV again, if only for a visit… there was so much more I wanted to do – feeding the tigers at the PV zoo, swimming with the dolphins, as well as many more water tours for site seeing, snorkelling and whale watching. One week was not nearly long enough!!









So now here we are back at home… and between the cold and a sunburn I’m a little worse for wear, but I have another day off before I have to go back to work and hundreds of new photos to help remind me of the fabulous trip to Puerto Vallarta in 2012.

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  1. Cyndi says:

    Hi Val,
    Just read your blog about a hour ago. Too bad about the timeshare start to your trip and your cold but the rest of the vacation sounded like fun.

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks for the warning about the timeshare stuff! Sounds like you had quite an adventure! Thanks for joining us over at Loveallblogs Travel this week! Emma 🙂

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