Pump up the action –

with Pumpaloons!

Pumpaloons is a great way to get the kids exercising (and Nan) without even realising it!


My 2 willing reviewers are T and E, T dived straight in and started to fit everything together, initially we couldn’t understand why the air wasn’t going into them very well, till I read the instructions and worked out that he had plugged the pumps in the wrong way round! 2014-06-25 16.57.09 Panic over, let the fun begin,

Nan pumps!

Even nanny got involved, although we think she’ll be aching tomorrow!

Getting bigger

They had fun pumping it up.

T, nearly has his fully blown upE is close behind.




We’re not actually sure who won as E was making so much noise we couldn’t hear when it squeaked at us!

Both the children had great fun pumping the Pumpaloons up, then E decided to name her’s, she is now called Boppy, Boppy has been on the trampoline, the slide, she’s been dancing around the living room.


Boppy also now wears clothes! We had quite a fashion show and you can see just how pretty she looks!

2014-06-25 17.23.13

T found out that he could use his Pumpaloon as a goalkeeper and as part of his obstacle course.

They both really enjoyed the Pumpaloons and they are more than just an inflatable toy, they are now part of the family.


Media Picture

Here’s a great way to get the children outside, and exercising! This award-winning game introduces some competitive and fun play action that will get them really excited!!

The race is on to get the Pumpaloons pumped up, and proudly standing three feet tall. The faster you pump, the faster they grow!

Pumpaloons is a fast, hilariously fun action game from the UK’s leading independent games company, Drumond Park (rrp £19.99, for 2 players aged 4+).

It’s a pushing, pumping race…

There’s so much fun to be had! Children dash to their pumps and start puffing up the two lovable, colourful, clown-like wobblies – Stripeyloon and Spottyloon – until they are towering firmly upright. How it’s done doesn’t matter – you can stomp on the pump with your foot, kneel down and push it furiously with your hands, or even sit on the pump and bounce up and down, as fast as you can go!

Don’t stop, whatever you do – or the other player will have a good chance of beating you! Keep going… you’re getting there – they’re growing taller and taller, stretching high, high up, as the gushing air flows in…! Success… everyone knows you’ve won – the Pumpaloon which fills out first lets out a ‘victory’ squeak!

Action pump stations!

Great for when their friends come round (and so much fun that the whole family will all want a go), Pumpaloons is totally ‘on the edge of your seat’ stuff, as each child strives to be first – or lots of people can play in relay teams.

Holding a birthday party, organising a sleepover, off on holiday – and stuck for ideas to keep them entertained? Look no further than Pumpaloons! This easy to understand game is also fabulous for family get-togethers, or as an indoor activity for little visitors on a rainy day. The more players there are, the more fun it will be – they’ll all have a ‘Pumpaloony’ time!

Warning: Stripeyloon and Spottyloon are more than just three-foot high wobblies from the game. Once blown up, these cuddly characters will also be found secreted away around the house and become your children’s best friends. Don’t be surprised when you find them in the strangest of places…



Drumond Park’s Adult, Family and Children’s games and magic sets are widely available from many department stores, most major toy shop chains and independents, plus the leading catalogue and online traders

Stockists’ information number is 01506 855577

Or visit their website: www.drumondpark.com

Disclosure:- I was sent the Pumpaloons FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are T and E’s honest opinions.


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