Now the summer is drawing to a close and the day’s are starting to close in,

what’s better than starting your day with a bowl of Ready brek?

Ready brek are more than just the Original Ready brek, they now have Chocolate and Gingerbread Ready brek.

Ready Brek

I was sent a selection and I have to admit it’s been a while since I brought some, probably when the kids were still in school.  I remember mum making it for us during the winter before school and even sometime when we got back to warm us up. But she had to do it the old style way, by heating the milk on the hob, measuring out the correct amount (which was always a little hit and miss) but now it’s so much easier.

Ready Brek

Each sachet is a pre measured amount and even better you use the empty sachet to measure out the milk,

Measured Milk

mix together in a bowl

Ready to Mix

and pop into the microwave for 90 seconds, leave to stand for a minute and enjoy.

Ready to Eat

You can still heat the milk in a pan, but the microwave method is so much easier and there’s less washing up…………. Bonus points to Ready brek for that πŸ˜‰

As usual I shared my goodies around and I think we all come to the same conclusion, we really enjoyed both the Chocolate and the Gingerbread but we would’ve liked to have tasted added ingredients a bit more.  You could smell the ginger and chocolate and you didn’t need to add any extra sugar to them, but as adults we would’ve liked a bit more um-mph. But for kids they are probably just about right.

Ready Brek

Ready brek launches the perfect winter warmer 


Ready brek, the UK’s top selling porridge for kids under ten, is to build on its existing Easy Sachets porridge range by adding two delicious new flavours to the mix just in time for the back to school season. Available in Chocolate and Gingerbread flavour, these child friendly smooth oat porridges are a great winter warmer and the perfect addition to any breakfast table.

Designed to appeal both to parents – looking to ensure their kids have a wholesome and nutritious start to the day – and kids who just want something tasty of a morning, the new flavours boost all of Ready brek’s nutritional credentials. Made from wholegrain oats a serving is high in fibre as well as delivering 50% RDA of Calcium and 25% RDA of Iron and Vitamins. 

As the only fortified branded kids porridge available on the market, Ready brek Easy Sachets have been designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Ensuring mums can make perfect, super smooth, lump free porridge every time to appeal to even the fussiest of eaters.

In addition to the launch of the two new Easy Sachet variants, Ready brek will be re-launching its Original Easy Sachet porridge. First appearing on shelves back in 2012, the porridge has proven so popular with parents and kids alike that it will be re-launched with fun new packaging to bring it in line with the rest of the range.

Now’s your chance to win a shed load of Ready brek for you and your family.

Ready Brek Prize

The prize is 1 case of each of the 3 flavours, Original (4 x 8) , Chocolate (5 x 6 ) and Gingerbread (5 x 6 ) a total of 92 sachets!


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Disclosure:- I have received Ready brek FOC to review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.


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  1. Claire Davies

    I would create two – the first one would be chocolate and beetroot as that is my favourite cake flavour and secondly I would create a blueberry mint one as I find this so refreshing to drink it would be divine in porridge!

  2. Gemma Williams

    Being pregnant probably isn’t the best time to ask this question…
    Without going down the beet root and fish option – cravings are funny – never liked either before.

    I think I would like a plum rhubarb and nutmeg porridge

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