Always Be A Friend

If you would like to share your real life stories with me & my readers then please either add your link to the Linky below or send me a message with your story. You can remain anonymous & I will never reveal your true identity.

I hope others will find the stories a help & maybe inspirational & show that we can survive and overcome bad situations.

We all feel were alone until that 1 person say’s “I can relate to that”.


I found it actually helped me to share my feelings & I hope even if it helped one person then it’s worth being honest.

If your not a blogger or wish to remain anonymous then you can send me a private email with your story on & I will publish it for you. I will never reveal your identity but can pass on any messages if someone would like to speak to you about a specific problem they have that you may be able to help with but I will be the middle person for you unless you tell me otherwise.

We all have a story to tell so please share yours with others who may find it helpful.

You can link other websites in but please make sure the person you are linking in is aware of it.

Please tell your friends & ask them to share.

It would be appreciated if you could add a link back to this page on your story if you have published your story on your blog. You can also do this by adding my “Button” to the post (you can find the code on the right hand side).


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