Celebrate Thai New Year with the authentic taste of Thailand


review & accident 022

I know very little about beer so didn’t think I was the right person to taste this so

I decided to get the lads at the cricket club to taste the Chang Beer & give me their thoughts on it:-

R:- It wasn’t as fizzy as the beers I’m used to drinking, it has a faint taste of honey, would really suit spicy food.

K:- Oh I like that, is there anymore?

C:- Lighter than a lot of beers, less gassy, refreshing.

I:- Not something I’d usually drink & it would be a beer to have with food & not get bloated.

review & accident 023

This April, transport your tastebuds to Thailand with a refreshing bottle of Chang Beer. Let the aromatic flavours of the premium lager get you in the mood for Songkran, Thailand’s traditional New Year festival and indulge in some delicious Thai cuisine alongside the cool, refreshing drink.


Thai New Year, celebrated in April, involves a whole host of traditions, from colourful Songkran parades and religious ceremonies, to epic water fights, which are believed to wash away the sins of the previous year. Here at Chang Beer, we’re bringing the taste of Thailand to you, so why not host your very own Songkran dinner party and give your guests the ultimate Thai experience?


Theme your party by cooking up an array of Thai delicacies such as Thai green curry, Pad Thai, filo pastry parcels or Tom Yum soup. And, to top it off, treat your guest to a few thirst-quenching bottles of Chang Beer. Made using the finest quality malt, hops and deep well water, Chang Beer is brewed using a unique blend of ingredients to match the spicy flavours of traditional Thai cuisine. Complex aromas of smokey, peaty green apples and vanilla, and a full-bodied flavour with light citrus notes, make it the perfect accompaniment to the exotic tastes and textures of Thai cooking.


And, if you’re stuck for inspiration, experts at Chang Beer have worked closely with top Thai chefs to devise a selection of mouth-watering, traditional Thai recipes with a twist. To find out more about Chang Beer’s Thai Food Guide and to try cooking the recipes at home, visit www.changbeer.com


Chang literally meaning “elephant” in Thai, a symbol of happiness, harmony and prosperity, represents the relationship between the delicious lager and traditional Thai culture. So, let the taste of Chang Beer take you away to the beautiful, exotic country with each refreshing sip.


Disclosure:- I was sent the bottles of Chang Beer for the purpose of the review but all opinions are the lads & not mine.

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