The Sheraton prides itself on the comfort of the beds & I have to say we were not disappointed in the slightest, boy this is the best hotel bed we’ve had in a long time. We kept the air con running all night as this helps  to keep the mosquitos at bay, which totally love me, we did ask them to spray the room as we had a few in there when we arrived, but also we plugged in the mossie killer & day 2 we’ve not seen anymore.

Even better than that so far i’ve not been eaten! Maybe it’s the penicillin i’m taking that’s helping & the 90% deet spray & also I brought a mossie repellent band on the plane, so triple protection!! The little sods aren’t going to have an easy munch on me this time!! (Only 1 bite for the whole time & that never bothered me & didn’t flare up & go all nasty!)


Day 2.


Nicely rested after a lovely nights sleep, although I did wake up as I thought someone/thing was shuffling about in the bedroom, i’ve no idea what it was but there was definitely noise & Ian was still sleeping so I know it wasn’t him!

We needed to be up earlier than we would normally as our welcome meeting was at 9am!!! We headed off to breakfast & found the usual buffet food of eggs in various form, scrambled, poached, fried & omelettes. There was some “chicken sausages” which Ian tried out but I left those alone.


Our rep Lamin ( Lamin is a very popular name as it tends to be given to the 1st born son of all families, so everywhere you turn there’s a Lamin!!) The rep did the normal spiel about the area & a bit about the trips they do & warned us about the guys on the beach trying to con people out of their money, we certainly don’t fall for that.

The trips were quite expensive & we only booked 1 trip with you can read about here. Having spoken to a few people who did other trips the conclusion we came to that none were worth the money we paid.

We did pay for VIP at the airport, this was only £15 & a definite must, the promised wifi wasn’t great buy hey ho we’d managed for 2 weeks without it so what did another few hours matter!

Non of us received our £50 voucher as promised on the ride from the airport!


Bumble Bee Cream.


Meeting over we headed down to the pool & settled ourselves in for a nice chill out couple of hours, lunch followed & then we decided to go for a walk along the beach, there is a small fishing village about 15mins walk up the beach so we headed there, it wasn’t long before the beach boys spotted us ……. new meat, white people, god we stand out like a sore thumb! They accompanied us on our peaceful walk, asking plenty of questions & telling us we’d got to see The Gambia “experience” & they could show it to us & show us better things than the reps could do, we just nodded at the right time but didn’t given them any more than that. Ian was known as Ian & I was known as “The Boss Lady” that’s fine by me!! 1 of them introduced himself as Sammy Davis Jr, yeah right! Their juice bar was called Bob Marley’s Juice Bar! They did try to sell us some bamboo cream that they say is used locally, yet made to secret recipes in Male which no-one knows. Well apparently new mum’s use it on their babies as when they are born they are totally white & within 3 day’s this cream has worked miracles & turned the babies brown like their momma! The funniest thing was Ian misheard them & thought they’d said “Bumble Bee Cream” & he had images of people trying to milk a bumble bee!!! Yes I really am married to this man!! They left us before we got to the hotel boundaries cos we knew they wouldn’t come any closer cos the police/security patrol the grounds & see them off.


A little more chilling & we headed back to the room dropped our pool stuff before heading back to the bar for a drink & then a nice nap before dinner, which we ate tonight in the Cream of Tata restaurant & I have to say it was ok, tandori chicken, beef curry, squid, & it was all reasonably warm!


Tomorrow will be a another chill out day. We’ve not planned to do anything till Monday when we go on a full day trip to see where Root’s was based, the famous Alex Haley TV programme featuring the Kinte family.

Taken from Wikipedia




You know when you’ve been married too long!


We had a lovely conversation last night about toilet habits! Oh dear we’ve deffo been married too long!

Esperance Sportiv de Tunis

A Tunisian football league team is now staying at our hotel in readiness for a match on Saturday evening. They have some supporters with them & these are total pricks! They strut around as if they own the place & treat the staff like slaves!

The team themselves don’t mix with us plebs, although we did have them training outside our bedroom window last night! I have to say I’ll stick to rugby players & these guys are all scrawny!


















More pictures can be found here.

Talking of scrawny, there is 1 lady here who is so thin! I’ve got more meat on my little toe than she has on her whole body! It’s actually disgusting & everyone looks at her as they walk past, her veins stick out along with every bone on her body, it really is horrible. She lays there doing exercises a lot of the time yet she’s got hanging skin! She must be about 6″ tall & totally inverted! Imagine a skeleton with skin draped over it & that’s what she looked like! She seemed to eat mainly sweet things,  smoked & drank either tea or hot water with lemon.


The weather has been a bit odd, people who have been here a week already said it was lovely last week yet this week it’s been hazy everyday & very windy, but that makes it easier to sit in all day, but very decieveing as you don’t realise the power of the sun. Our friends even managed to get burnt even whilst sitting in the shade.




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