Nearly two weeks ago I spotted a post my sister in law had put on Facebook. It was certainly confusing but I really did think they’d had a freak snow storm.

Snow at Landewednack School?? Wow it seemed so strange, until we found out it was the work of Magic and Sparkle a mischievous pair of Fairies who have been spreading their magic all around.

My sister in law the other day  posted this on her Facebook page

Again, a big thank you for the magical snow scene at my son’s school on 3rd November, it was so beautiful and unexpected, it made our children so happy so a big thank you.

I said it was wonderful that is had happened and the kids must’ve had a blast,  this was her reply 

Ryan took a while to go inside the courtyard, he was just in shock (and speechless which isn’t often lol). When he came back he told me all about the fun they had had especially the snow ball fight with their teacher. Memories he will treasure for a long time. The kids were provided with hats, scarves etc, he got a hat and loves it and each kid got a little fairy (not a cheap plastic toy) as a keepsake too.



Pictures courtesy Cath Gorton Creations  


Ryan speechless???????????? So I asked if he’d like to tell us the story in his own words and this is his message to me, it hasn’t been edited, it’s exactly as I’ve copied it.

Hello Aunty Ness,

it’ s Ryan I hope you are fine.

Now about the Two Fairies. I don’t know much about the Two Fairies but I do know this: when I came to school I discovered that the front yard of the school had been transformed into a winter wonderland!
Each child got a hat, some had a hat and gloves or a hat and a scarf and some had all three. We had so much fun playing in the snow, I cannot believe it!
We even had a snowball fight and it was everyone versus our teacher Miss Wells. I loved it and someone even shoved some snow down her back!
On that day, we did some work, then we went out to play in the snow, then we went back to work then went outside again in the snow then we went in the playground, then we did some more work. At the end of the day the Two Fairies gave us one fairy each with a message that said
Today our delightful first gift we did bestow,
With a wave of ours wands we made it snow,
A village gone without snow for some time awoke to a magical scene
-a wonderland at playtime
It was awesome! Then we got a second surprise this week from the Two Fairies: We got an M&S parcel with 2 chocolate boxes, 1 of them looks like a glimmering tree and the other looks like just a box of chocolates.
I was so excited, thank you for letting me send this letter to thank the Two Fairies. And thank you Aunty Ness for letting me write this letter on Facebook, Love from Ryan xxx



 Pictures courtesy Cath Gorton Creations  


Thank you to The Two Fairies for making some amazing memories that these children will NEVER forget.

Westin Gourmet

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