The Tech Armor 20800mAh power pack a serious piece of gear you need to keep your tech life on track when your out and about.

I’m not saying it’s a back pocket must have, but it’s definitely a must to keep with you when your on the road or out and about. It weighs about a lb, so this is heavy duty but great if you’ve got kids who need power on a long trip, it’ll certainly save your sanity!

Tech Armor

The Tech Amor power pack has a massive 20800mAh battery power means you can charge both phones and tablets, even at the same time.

You can charge up to 7 mobile phones, 2.7 mini tablets or 1.5 full size tablets. Enough power to keep you from that red battery of panic we all dread.

If you’ve got a camping holiday or at a festival this summer this is certainly something you need to take with you. If you’re just charging your phone, it’ll last you all weekend no problems.


As you can see each section is marked on the Tech Armor to make it easy for you to see where to plug which cable in. If you press the button between “tablet and input” there are lights on the top that show how much charge it is holding. 4 lights means it’s fully charged and ready to go.

This Tech Armor is sent from America, with purchase price of about $59.99 and shipping of $14.99 but it is well worth it for the performance you get.

Disclosure:- I was sent the Tech Armor 20800mAh power pack FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.


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