Tefal Actifry has changed my life!

I’m not kidding, I love my tefal Actifry. I’d seen them advertised and read a few reviews about them and then Ian came home from work telling me about a friend at work who has one and loves it.

Tefal Actifry

I checked it out and although they aren’t cheap I had a lot of reward points (from a certain supermarket) which brought the price down to under £20, now that’s a bargain in my eyes.

Tefal Actifry

The first thing I cooked in it was real chips, a tablespoon of oil, 40mins and you have gorgeous, proper chips which aren’t greasy at all. I love it that I can make the chips as thick or thin as we want.

Viewing Window
You can put frozen chips in it but without using any oil. They taste so much better than being cooked in the oven and cook so evenly, which my oven fails to do!

All cooked

ready to eat

The following day I cooked a curry, I didn’t actually believe you could cook a chicken curry in 25mins. But you can. 5mins for the chopped onions and mushrooms, add the chicken and the sauce you are using and set the timer for 20mins and we had perfectly cooked chicken curry, with no stirring …………….. yep I said no stirring. (I forgot to take any pictures of the curry as it was just so good we ate it before I remembered!)

The Actifry cooks using hot air and has a paddle that turns slowly tossing the food around so it cooks evenly.

I actually add some salt at the beginning of the cooking process as I’ve experimented not using it and adding it after, or adding it before cooking and found by adding a bit at the start it brings out the flavour of the finished chips more than adding salt after and I’m using a lot less by doing it this way. Obviously this is a personal choice but it works for me.

I have downloaded an app on my iPad which had other recipes on which makes it so easy to create new flavoursome meals.

Not only buy using less oil to cook with I’ve found it actually costs me less to buy proper potatoes and make my own chips than buying frozen chips and they taste so much better and take minutes to prepare. Cleaning is so easy, it’s non stick and even after cooking our curry I just dipped it in the hot water and wiped it clean, no mess and no hassle.

It isn’t a small piece of equipment and sits on the side, which isn’t ideal when you’ve got a small kitchen like mine as I haven’t got the cupboard space for it, but then again if I did I probably wouldn’t use it as much as I wouldn’t see it as it would be hidden away in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle that are my cupboards …………… things go in and never see the light of day again!!!

I love my Tefal Actifry and couldn’t imagine my kitchen without it.

You can find more recipes here, I’ve got my eye on a few!!!

I was not asked to do this review I just wanted to share a great healthy kitchen gadget with you.

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  1. George Worboys Wright

    I’ve wondered about these for a while so it was good to read your review. I’d love to try the food and can see me getting one in the future but I think I’ll wait until I have a bigger kitchen!

  2. Michelle Kinsey

    I love(d) my Actifry – my chips were amazing and ‘fried’ chicken was spot on. Sadly, my Actifry went to gadget heaven in the sky and I’m yet to replace it, it is imminent though x

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