Ok So this should be plain sailing if you’ll excuse the pun!
The seats were booked,we’d got our lift sorted to the airport, being from BHX it’s only a 20 min trip.

I’d been checking the flight and seeing how full it was, or wasn’t in this case,it was only about half full.
Ian and I are picky with our seats,it may sound odd, but he likes the window seat and I like an aisle seat, were not worried if there is someone in between us, it’s amazing how many times if there is someone between us they always ask if we want to swap seats, errr no thanks we booked them like that.
So I’d checked on the 12th, the day before we flew and yep we’d still got 9A and 9C.

On checking in the girl on the Monarch check in desk said, oh 9A and 9B, nope that’s not right, I’ve got it on the flight info as A and C. She checked and said the seats had been changed on the 10th, well not by me they hadn’t as as we’d only printed off the confirmation the day before I couldn’t see how they had.
Her explanation was that was we had booked together the flight company tend to move you so your sitting with who you booked with, why was it a problem, the flight was half empty? Hang on we’d paid to choose our exact seats so why are they moving us? Ok so they’d decided to put someone else in seat C. Why? There were rows with only 1 on, yet they moved us! She said they would have emailed me about the change, they didn’t. Nothing, nadda.

I’m guessing the person they put there was under the impression that this was the last row with free extra legroom (which some websites list it as, I can tell you that’s wrong, there is no extra legroom past row 6, unless you pay for it).

So still the answer remains, why???? We had paid with the outbound seats, just not paid an extra, extra premium!!! The flight was half empty with loads of free seats so why did they move us so someone else could sit at the end of our row, when there were completely empty rows?? 
Anyway we got moved to row 18 seats D and F and had a spare seat between us. Not ideal seats as we were over the wing and had a rubbish view out of the window. Why give people the option to pay and book specific seats if they are going to move you, for NO apparent reason?
Coming back we did pay for extra legroom seats and again picked A and C and I am happy to say they didn’t mess around with those seats. 

We planned to have breakfast before the flight, we’ve flown on enough early flights to know the breakfasts really aren’t great. Sadly where we were going to eat was closed for a refurb, which oddly they don’t tell you on either the airports website or the companies site. So it was plan B, the only other restaurant that does a proper breakfast, and safe to safe to say the prices were eye watering.

I can’t understand why airports have to inflate those prices so much, in honesty I think the only thing you can buy that they don’t add extra to is newspapers and magazines.
Anyway back to breakfast, it was ok, there was a massive queue and tables were scarce, but it was ok, overpriced but ok, get the picture it was ok.
Once the screen said we were boarding we slowly ambled down, popped to the toilet, went and got some drinks for the flight,  well there’s no rush our seats were booked, it was all very quiet at the gate and we actually thought we were the last to arrive, we climbed the steps to find in actual fact we were the first!

We took off on time, no problems, in fact we had a really quick flight and think we landed about 20 mins early.
Then came the cattle market to get your visa, it does warn you about this on Trip Advisor and it does get very confusing, people are everywhere trying to get you to their booth, the prices are dearer than they tell you on any website or even the plane, but I think they charge what they want on that day!
Our rep from the taxi company met us whilst in the queue and checked out return details and pointed for us where to go to find our driver.
We actually were in a mini bus, just the 2 of us. We had a good journey to the hotel and the driver was very good, no speeding or anything silly.
So the hotel………….

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