The final journey, homeward bound,

Goodbye Australia

The final journey, homeward bound ……………… goodbye Australia, once again you’ve made us feel so at home and so welcome.

Bondi Beach

The time has no come and we’re on final leg home, we’ll not quite we’re on the first of 2 flights to get us back to the UK, the Sydney flight is the worse at nearly 14 hours flying time, plus the time actually waiting at the airport and then the time waiting once you actually do board!

But let’s go back over the last few days since the cricket finished to find out what we’ve been up to………

As you will all know and if you don’t know, where’s the bucket you’ve had your head stuck in cos there seemed no end to the constant 5-0 whitewash that we kept hearing, ok it was their turn to gloat, after all we’ve gloated for long enough haven’t we???

So the cricket finished early which left us with 2 extra day’s to find things to do, we had a day mooching around Darling Harbour, The Rocks and Circular Quay, so much so I think we wore our feet out and Ian added to his blisters!

Tuesday we headed off to Manly on the ferry and although it was a cloudy day we had a lovely time, it’s so gorgeous there, we then had a ferry ride up to Paramatta and back.

Wednesday we decided to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, now when I say across I don’t mean over the top, we walked on the footpath next to the road, trust me that was high enough for us. The views are amazing, even on a cloudy day.

Thursday we headed to Chinatown and Paddy’s Market, which is full of hundreds of stall selling all sorts of different products, some very random things! The fruit and vegetable market was an eye opener, geez the prices were amazing, so low, the fruit all looked fantastic and so fresh.

On the walk back to the hotel we decided to pop in to the Sydney Festival #SYDFEST which was being held in the park across from our hotel, there was a variety of attractions including a blow up Stonehenge and the Rekorderlig cider tent, we fell in love with their big deck chairs and I have been reliably informed they will be appearing in the UK in the summer! My garden really needs a pair of these and an umbrella!! (hint hint)

Rekorderlig cider

Friday was our last day and finally the sun decided to show it’s gorgeous face again so after checking out of the Hotel Stellar and stowing our bags in their storage room we headed off to Bondi beach.

It was reasonably busy but as lovely as ever, our only disappointment? The life guards, they now wear turquoise tops and now the yellow and red they used to wear 🙁 they actually didn’t stand out as they used to. There was filming going on whilst we were there but as far as we could tell it was a very quiet day for the life guards although there was a lot of people surfing and families enjoying the sunshine.

When we were there 3 years ago I did a photo shot our our feet and just had to do another, yes I am that sad! Click here for a link to the original picture!

Bondi Feet!

 We spent the day frying and trying to grab as much sun as we possibly could before we went back to the hotel to have a wash and get changed ready for the long journey home.

We flew back with Emirates via Dubai, we really must try to fly business class in the future!! The food leaves a lot to be desired and although on the first flight we were int he middle of the plane we were the last to be served so food was running out and then on the Dubai-BHX connection we were sitting at the back, again the food ran out and we couldn’t have our choice.

I’m not sure who decides on the menu’s but they really don’t think things through properly and had some really odd meals on, spicy food when your stuck on a plane for 14 hours??? On the Sydney-Dubai flight everything seemed too much trouble for the crew, yet on the Dubai-BHX the crew were much friendlier and happy to help.

I much prefered the Dubai-Sydney flight going out with Qantas, the plane seemed better and cleaner.

Landing at BHX it was sunny and 6c, but thankfully it didn’t feel too cold but it was still a shock to be back. After putting the first load of washing on we headed off to collect Crunchie from my dad’s, who although she was pleased to see us, she was also sad to leave dad’s where she had been totally spoilt.

The jet lag didn’t seem to really hit us, but we were sensible and had a short nap when we got home, then headed to bed at about 10pm and had about 11hrs sleep and got straight back into daily life’

Roll on 4 years when we hope to go back again and maybe the English Cricket Team will turn up and prove they can play properly and win a game without rolling over so easily!!!

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