Last night Ian asked if I wanted my drink topping up, as it was fairly late I just asked for about an  1½ inches. This brings me to my post!

The funny things people say, 

I asked for about an inch & ½ of pop & this was Ian’s interpretation! I couldn’t stop laughing. He did say men always over exaggerate things, yeah they sure do 😉 

The funny things people say


No wonder women are always disappointed!!!!! Is this why men are so bad at parking??

A friend (who works in a hospital for reference) sent me a message saying she had to laugh at my picture and told me this story:- 

When we were on holiday I couldn’t find the tampons I had packed. Hubby said he thought they were in the first aid bag. I had a look as it was entirely possible I had tucked them in there. What he saw were 2 rolled up bandages which would even put super super plus size tampons to shame. He wondered why I was crying with laughter! He has 3 sisters so hasn’t had an entirely sheltered life. Terminology we use at work for someone who has had lots of children sprang to mind ‘fanny like a bucket!’ Ha ha! 

We have a tiny obstetrician at work who we often say “Shall I hold your feet, you might fall in” for those patients who keep coming back!

Gynae and obstetrics provides lots of scope for humour. I could definitely write a book. Would pay more than the NHS too!

Years ago I used to joke my EX came out walking as he was number 13 & his dad had to tie a plank on his back so he didn’t fall in!!!

A friend of ours was doing a crossword, I can’t remember the full clue to the answer but it was something on the lines of 

Male character from Eastenders (5, 7 ) but it was split between two places.

So she suggested “Frank Butcher” but then proceeded to place the Frank into the 7 spaces, obviously it didn’t fit so she added the Bu!!

The standing joke now is FrankBu!

I’m sure you have some stories of the funny things people say, so go ahead, make us all laugh. If you want to stay anon, just send me a message via email or on FB and I’ll share it.

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