Tuesday 20th April 2012.

So we headed off at about 6:45am. to BHX for our flight & on checking in were told my hand luggage bag was bigger than Thomas Cook allowed! What??? Every other airline allows that size bag, it’s a standard size  cabin bag but no Thomas Cook decide to make theirs smaller , ok so we didn’t actually read the dimensions on the tickets but didn’t think it was a problem.

Luckily I had a beach bag in 1 of the cases & transfered all my stuff into that, with a few things having to go in the suitcases. Ian had to ring Lee to come & collect our “excess” bag!!! If we’ve have checked it in they were going to charge us £110 for the privileged! Nice start to the holiday!

Breakfast went by the board, guess that saved a few pennies!

We boarded the plane & the seats stopped us dead in our tracks, WOW the leg room was NON exsistant! I can’t remember the last time we were on a plane with so little room between the seats. Boy did they pack us in like sardines!

We spoke to the cabin crew about it & they did admit how bad it was & also how old the plane was, about 25 years, but monetry constraints stopped them up grading & they needed to get as many bodies on the flight as possible.

The food we had wasn’t too bad but the drinks were as usual very expensive, that didn’t stop us sampling a few bottles of wine, but when I say a few they were only 1 glass size bottles!!!!

They didn’t even have films playing as we were told they had stopped showing them because it cost so much for the license & they used to make their money back from selling headsets but because people carried their own now they didn’t make any £ so they stopped the films! Nice over 6 hours on the flights & nothing to do.

The captain did keep us informed as to where we were during the whole journey & i’ve actually never heard a pilot talk so much during a flight, maybe he was bored as well without a movie to watch!!

We wont be travelling with Thomas Cook again in a hurry!!!

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